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Pizza — The Gift That Says, “I Love You.”

After I read OC’s blog this morning, I got to thinking of how low his cash flow is, and how long he has to conserve it until he finally gets paid, and I know good and well by now that the first luxury he cuts from his budget is food, so I decided to see if there was a pizza place in his neighborhood that delivers.

I do love the internet. It lead me to Alan at Papa John’s Pizza ( 1111 McCully St. Honolulu, HI). “Hi, Alan, I’d like to order a pizza. Do you deliver to UH at Manoa?”

“Yes, ma’am, we deliver to the dorms. Which one are you in?”

“Before we get there, we need to cover a couple of other points. I am calling from Las Vegas, and I want to order this pizza with my debit card. Can I do that?”

“Uhm, Ma’am? Las Vegas like, uh, Nevada?”


“Way cool! Hey guys, I got Las Vegas on the phone. . . . Huh? I dunno . . . . Uhm, Ma’am, you know you’re out of our delivery area, right?”

I laughed. “Yes, Alan. I want you to deliver a pizza to someone in the dorm. I want to pay for it with my Visa. Can I do that?”

“Oh, okay. Hang on.” Several seconds pass. Alan says, “Uhm, Ma’am, is there some reason your friend isn’t ordering this pizza himself?”

“Yes. It’s a surprise.”

“Oh, cool. No problem. We can do it.” Alan asks all the relevant questions, size, toppings, beverage, delivery address, phone number. Then he says, “When we get there, Ma’am, we’ll need you to show us the debit card and sign the receipt.”

“But, Alan, I can’t do that. I’m in Las Vegas.”

“Oh yeah, huh? Just a minute.” I hear muffled talking. Finally, apologetically, Alan says, “Okay, Ma’am, the manager says we can do this, but we’ll have to run your card before we deliver the pizza.”

“No problem,” I said. (That’s the only way they do it here!) After Alan and I said good-bye, I called OC on the phone and talked to him until the pizza arrived.

Shortly after hanging up the phone to open the door, he IMed me. This is what he had to say: “mmmmMMMmmmmm … I know, don’t talk with your mouthful … mmmmfrmmmffmmr.” And, of course, a couple of other things, including “thank you” and “you shouldn’t have,” while also admitting that he was starving. All-in-all, I’d say this was one of my more inspired gifts.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. You do know you can order online by going to their website and pay with your card there? They actually process those orders before orders that are called in… it’s how I sent my mom pizza for Valentine’s Day 🙂

    if he has one that takes internet orders in his area, that is…

  2. Tina — yes, except, I needed to talk to a real person to find out which pizza place delivered to the campus — and I just so happened to luck out on my first call. Not bad since there were 9 Papa John’s to choose from and none in the same zip code as the college.

    Bill — on my good days.

    Mumma — thank you. I thought so. I’d ask OC if he agrees, but he’s probably napping on a full tummy.

  3. Hey, Quilly, you are O.C.’s Good Food Fairy. I hope he knows what an angel he has in you…………Judy

  4. J.D., trust me. I know. I know. Though the “starving” remark should be taken with a grain of salt. Anyone who has seen me will know that I have, um, plenty of reserves. A few days of fasting and I might start descending towards twice my ideal weight. Still, I have to admit, that pie did go down good. Quilly, mWAH! 🙂

  5. Judy — trust me, I am not always angelic, but I do have my stellar moments.

    Polona — I love gift giving and consider finding the perfect gift an art.

    OC. . . descending towards twice my ideal weight . . . ? Oh, please. I’m going to be polite and label that an exaggeration, unless you’ve gained one heck of a lot of weight in the last month!

  6. that was a brilliant idea Quill hon! he is one lucky guy. i got to tell you how many smiles and joy you have bought to my life in the last wks hearing of your love with OC. it has cheered me up more than i could ever tell you.

    your love affair has been ispirational and inspiring. it has made me feel so good for you and him but for all really. you guys have brightened more hearts than just your own.

    i miss visiting you. i thank you for never, ever forgetting me and for all the love and care you always show so many of us. you are a dear friend.

    you deserve this wonderful love that you share with OC. you deserve all his attention, and his cuddles and his kisses and his arms and this new life you plan in Hawaii. i’m glad you two have met. he is certainly a brainy, i tried to have the kids read some of his post and the little ones had a mouth full with some of his words, lol..

    i got to enjoy in the colored toe paint and delight in the fun you two seem to have-thank you!

    now, i’m doing my mother’s day rounds and i’m here to thank you for your heart, the one you share not only with us but with all your students. it takes more than just giving birth to be a mother. mothering is caring and looking after, fighting for and hopes and wishes and all your students are beyong lucky to have you be all those things for them. sometimes when life at home is all but ideal, it takes those special others in life to help get through. teachers, wonderful teachers like your, play such an amazing part on so many. many hearts will fondly remember way after the school year is over all that you give and share.

    be back as soon as i can until then, don’t think for a moment i have forgotten you for i hold you close and dear in my heart. xo

  7. Chana — It is good to see you up and around and to know you have the strength to type. I am glad you are enjoying my posts. And I think OC will be happy to hear that he is helping your children expand their vocabularies. Be sure to have one of the boys read you his Mother’s Day post.

  8. Hi again, Quilly.

    O.C. Good man!!! And, so that Quilly will always know she is appreciated, always put a new roll on the toilet roll hanger when you use the last piece………because I feel that I know you, I’ll sign……..Judy

  9. Judy — OC has never left the bathroom a mess. Perhaps you would like to talk to him about the kitchen? Though, technically he will defend himself and say he warned me . . . . On secontd thought, never mind. The food was worth it.

    Dr. John since I couldn’t go and cook him a meal myself , , , ,

  10. Brilliant idea. And it’s not the pizza that says I love you, nor any gift. It’s the thought behind it. And this was one thoughtful thing to do. 🙂

  11. Brig – I don’t think there is much point in giving a gift without thought behind it. I like to fit the wants/needs/desires of the person receiving the gift. This one was spot on.

  12. We have take away about once a month, the kids love it and think it’s a real treat. I have to say whilst it’s nice I prefer wifey’s home made pizza, and we’re having that tonight yahaay!

  13. Melli — and in good taste, too.

    Nessa — that’s me! Modest, too.

    Bazza — wifey probably would prefer to be taken to a lovely restaurant ….

    Jenna — romance is what one makes it.

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