I have had my 24 inch RCA TV for 16 years.  I got it used.  It has been a good and faithful servant all these years, but considering it’s venerable age, I see no point in wrestling it to Hawaii.

I have a dear friend who has only an even more ancient 19 inch TV, so I thought I would be kind and give her my set.  This is where the dilema comes in.  Soon I will be heading to my friend’s house.  After hooking up her “new” TV we are off for some fine dining — her treat.  Obviously I need to be “dressed” for that.   So, do I wrestle the TV into my car while I am still in shorts and a t-shirt, then run in the house to change –taking the huge risk that I will have neither TV nor car when I get back outside?  OR, do I try to wrestle the TV once I am in my dress and heels?

I know the obvious answer.  The obvious answer is a question — <i>Where the heck is OC when I need him?</i>

18 thoughts on “Dilema

  1. What a kind soul you are giving away your tv I’d put it in the car first then put on the Good Clothes. Good taste with the RCA,

    Pop Quiz, what was the wee black and white Dog’s name?

  2. Hm. That IS a dilemma. I would drive the car up to the door, wrestle the TV in while wearing the shorts… then quick run inside change in front of the front door while WATCHING the car… and then leave. *nods*

  3. You put on the dress, but not the heels. You put on pants underneath the dress. When you get to her house, you hike up the dress and carry in the tv. Once you get inside, you set down the tv and then excuse yourself to ditch the pants and wear the dress. Apply heels and you’re done. The tv is moved, you are dressed, and you still have a car.

  4. Since this is yesterdays post I can only hope that whatever choices you made (mine would have been picnicing in the back seat of that car) turned out fine! 🙂

  5. You don’t want to take the TV to Hawaii. I assume the car is also not going. What’s the problem? Put the TV in the car, call your friend to come over, call for a pizza, then call the insurance company and report the stolen car and TV.

  6. I’m just leaving now – no one is going to have a better comment than “I dive at night”. Although I think Brig’s was just as good!

    (All I can say is that if THAT is the biggest problem in your life, Sister, you are one lucky girl!)

  7. Bill — the TV is going to a very good friend. She has a much greater value then money.

    Melli — that’s pretty dang close to what I did.

    Dr. John — I wore a skirt and blouse, and kept the shorts on under the skirt.

    Brig — that’s pretty dang close to what I did.

    Mumma — I wonder if Dr. John was speaking from experience?

    Melli — some of them are just too practicle.

    Bazza — it’s slick how he managed to be on the other side of the ocean for all this … but in all fairnes, I wasn’t there when he packed, either.

    Pauline — the backseat of the car is full of boxes … I am moving, you know.

    Nessa — much smoother then anticipated. That gym thing must be paying off because that TV wasn’t near as heavy as I remember it being.

    Polona — I had considered that solution.

    Morgan — the car is new. Of course it is going to Hawaii. And the car must ship empty, but now that you mention it ….

    Jackie — Morgan is already incorrigible and doesn’t require encouragement.

    All — I showered, fixed my hair and make up, and dressed in a shirt and shorts. I put on my tennis shoes (no going out side bare foot in 100F+ weather) and carried the TV down the stairs and to the car. I dashed into the house and pulled my skirt on over my shorts, kicked off my tennies shoes and put on my strappy black sandals. Then I went to my friend’s house. Once there I pulled up within 2 feet of her front door and carried the TV into her livingroom. No stairs to negotiate, so no concern over my shoes.

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