One More Good-Bye

This is how much I will be missed.  We had a big Sidewalk “Splash” event today.  One kid showed up.  Fifty dollars worth of food.  A couple dozen water guns.  One huge tub.  The staff — and the kid — had a blast.  At one point they all ganged up on me and I went from dry to wet in under three seconds.  It was fun.  Would have been more fun with a couple of kids to drown.

Oh well — there’s a reason we don’t have Sidewalk in the summer — besides the heat — it’s too dang hard to find kids.  The family ships them off to Mexico for Granny daycare.  As far as endings go, this one was very understated.

9 thoughts on “One More Good-Bye

  1. One is all it takes to have a party! She will brag and brag about the entire event….you made a difference in that child’s lfe more than you will ever know. 🙂

  2. Awwwwwww Quilly… that ONE kid is gonna miss you enough for ALL of ’em! And the ones shipped of to Camp Grandma didn’t have a choice! I bet they went kickin’ and screamin’! *nods*

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