4 thoughts on “Fawning Over Friday Harbor

  1. May I come live in the apartment next to yours? (we’ll just politely ask whomever lives there to find other living arrangements.)

  2. You are LOVING LIFE, aren’t ya?! Who’da thought Quilly’s blog would become a PHOTO blog! Sometimes pictures really ARE worth a thousand words, aren’t they? Beautiful! (i can only imagine … next to Vegas… how this compares…)

  3. Great job on the pics, Quilly-Sister. You must really be enjoying your new views – quite a difference, huh? I just love the babies when they still have their spots.

  4. Brooke — we have an extra bedroom. Come visit. OC assures me that you don’t want to live here in the winter, but being an Oregon child, you might.

    Melli — Well, the blog had to change since I have no current students, but I never would have predicted photos. It’s just — how could I describe all of this and do it justice? No way.

    Jackie — today the view is rain and fog, and after being in Nevada so long, even this is welcome and wonderful.

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