Nap time:  Kelly is always so restless he keeps himself and anybody nearby awake.  I usually sit next to him which keeps him still and at least allows everyone nearby to go to sleep.  Today I sat down beside his pallet.  Kelly crossed his arms, “I’m not nappeding!”  He announced.

I said, “Okay,” and went about removing his shoes and tucking his blanket around him.

He turned to watch tv — Sesame Street.  “I’m not sleeping,” he said again.

“You don’t have to,”  I said while gently patting his back.

Within minutes the children on either side of him were asleep.  Kelly looked at each of them, then told me,  “I’m not sleeping!”

“All right,” I said.  I continued to pat his back.  Kelly settled in to watch Little Elmo learn to bowl.  I continued patting.

Kelly grabbed my hand and pulled.  He tucked my fingers under his cheek.  “Not nappeding,” he mumbled.

“I know,” I told him, and stroked his forehead with my other hand.  One …, two  …, three ….  ZzzzzNap!

Then I moved over and sat next to David, took his feet off the wall, removed his shoes and tucked his blanket around him.  He crossed his arms and glared at me.  “I not nap!” He insisted.

“You don’t have to,”  I said while gently patting his back ……



  1. To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort.
  2. To cooperate treasonably, as with an enemy occupation force in one’s country.
  3. Two or more persons working in unison to achieve the same goal.

I am uncertain which of these definitions best suits OC’s and my efforts in creating our joint post:

  • There was a little cooperation (little being the operative word).
  • There was definately some collaborating with the enemy, though OC and I both seem to be unclear on just who the enemy was.
  • There also seemed to be more then two voices involved in the project, though OC swears it was my imagination.
  • And, I was trying very hard to keep it intellectual, but … well, see for yourself. Check out:

He Said, She Said, an O’Ceallaigh & The Quill collaborative production.


My sisters came and went.  They pronounced O.C., “a nice man” and gave me permission to move to Hawaii. 

Saturday afternoon after they left, I didn’t make internet air time because both times I tried the campus lab, the computers were all in use.  Sunday O.C. and I rowed to town (well, O.C. rowed, I rode), attended church, went out to lunch, walked around a bit and rowed home.  That evening I helped O.C. on a project, and was too busy to make the blogs.  Yesterday I wasn’t feeling well and spent most of the day asleep.

Now I am fine, but busy again.  O.C. and I leave tomorrow — with his class — for a camping trip in Canada.  Today I will be doing laundry and packing.  We leave around noon and you will be without us for 4 days.  I’ll tell you all about the trip when we get back but I don’t know how many pictures I will have. Without electricity we won’t be recharging camera batteries.

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Before you go, here’s a bit of something to whet your appetite:

As you know, O.C. plays his horn on the point almost every night. Usually when we walk down the hill, one ferry is already in port for the night. However the other night, it wasn’t so.

Me: The ferry is missing.

He: It’s on a training run.

Me: That’s silly. Why would they need to train the ferry? It was built to do its job.

He: Well, sometimes they need to put it on track.

Me: [clueless] Huh?

He: They need to put it on a track to train it.

Me: Oh. Of course they do. I should have realized that. Thank you for explaining, Honey.”

He: No problem.

Me: [sweet & dreamy] You’re so smart.

He: [dryly] Oh, yeah.