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Miniature Roses For Me!


I dunno!

I went to get my hair cut. OC went to the grocery store in the same shopping center. Well, turns out the beauty shop was really a barber shop, so I opted out on the hair cut and walked on down to the grocery store. I found OC picking out roses. I guess I ruined his surprise, but he took it well and asked me what color I liked best.

No ordinary red or pink for me. Give me the passionate peach ones!

I am very well taken care of and maybe just a little bit spoiled.

Thank you, OC. I love you.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. *shark music* do do … do do… do do… do do…

    I posted a comment that ended up entirely ELSEWHERE… let’s try it again!

    All I said was…

    That man is just plain sweeeeeeeeet! I think I LOVE him!

  2. Melli — it ended up on, “When Is ‘Enough’?”. I deleted it. As to OC, back off, lady!

    Nessa — you, too.

    Mumma — funny you should say that. Every two or three days he does something that reminds me how special he is and I tell him, “You know, I think I’ll keep you at least one more day.” And he says, “Well, that’s a relief.” And we grin at each other.

    Bill — I am lucky to have OC. The ladies are right, he is sweet. And kind and caring and gentle …. And I am going to quit listing his attributes because he is not up for sale!

  3. very sweet…….no better flower to buy a woman than a plant, and mini roses is a very good pick. I love the colors also. Makes you wonder where this man had been hiding all this time, doesn’t it. haha

  4. Now all the woman reading this will think if we love them we should get them roses. If Oc does it why can’t we. I gave her roses for Mother’s Day but for no special day. You sure are lucky.

  5. After reading the comments, does O.C. have the feeling that he has a lot to live up to? He has, and he’s doing a great job. Hee-hee! We’re watching to make sure he treats you as you deserve:-) I’m sure the single ladies would like to know if he has a brother………..Judy

  6. Nea — I’m just glad he stayed in hiding until I found him!

    Jackie — Yay! I got that in writing, you know. And you see his toes eerytime you sign on — or mine? Those ugly feet up there are mine. Caryl wants me to polish my toenails. Thaat’s silly. Everybody knows I polish OC’s toenails.

    Dr. John — take your complaint up with OC. I am not backing that play.

    Minka — Might do my ego good to have a beautiful young woman jealous of me.

    Judy — OC really doesn’t need watching. He sets his own standards much higher then anyone would ever set them for him. And those single ladies weren’t asking about his brother, they were flat declaring their love of him — hey, and the married ladies, too (Melli!).

  7. you deserve his attention, his love, his surprises, his enthusiasm and his care. i’m so happy for you and for him.

    i’m also into the different beautiful colors out there. they look so beautiful and it was nice of you to share them with us.

    i’m delighted you are happy.

    keep on smiling and expecting happiness. it is your time.

  8. Melli — you got it — questionable though it may be.

    Doug — I don’t know who Antonio is, but he is NOT welcome to taste my roses!

    Pauline — The roses really don’t levitate, they are just on the breakfast bar.

    Polona — OC is remarkably nice — though perhaps kind and considerate are better descriptors.

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