10 thoughts on “They’re Smarter Than We Think

  1. It might be something in the air. My grandson who is in first grade came home with no checks yesterday. Which means he did nothing wrong. For him that is remarkable because he is a lot like his grandfather.

  2. If you’ve ever seen wolf puppies, or lion or tiger cubs, roughhousing with their adults, they’re not gentle. You try some of the things they pull off, Mom’ll tear your lungs out, Jim. And, yes, the kiddies try the patience of their furry progenitors beyond the pale. Frequently. Just like within the confines of Darkest Suburbia. But the pups never – well, almost never – get fanged or clawed. They roll over and play cute. And they might get cuffed and snarled at, but hardly ever slaughtered.

    It’s almost like humans evolved from other mammals, or something.

  3. Minka — see OC’s comment.

    Mumma — thanks for sharing, it made me chuckle.

    Melli — all feral beasts have senses we don’t ….

    Nessa — kids ARE con artists.

    Polona — I want an antidote.

    Dr. John — I wish I could have a day — just one — in which I did nothing wrong! That would be a major accomplishment.

    OC — you’ve found the missing link?

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