Cozy Classroom Fireplace

Christmas in Hawaii ….

My team teacher, Ms. Jewel, is an artist. She does wonderful oil paintings in her free time. This little gem she painted in less then half an hour using tempura paints. It is on the back of the children’s cubby case. It looks so real David held his hands out to the flames in an attempt to warm his fingers.

8 thoughts on “Cozy Classroom Fireplace

  1. The Fire Place looks so toasty and warm, could use it here tonight in Frosty Cold Calgary, as I post this it is -11 Celsius or 12 Fahrenheit. Cold by any standard

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. AWESOME to have THAT kinda help in the classroom! WOW! And Quilly — those stockings look LOVELY hung by the chimney with care!

    MY Ms. Jewl only licks herself and begs to go outside!

  3. Dearest Quilly…..It is wonderful to be back reading your terrific blog. I’ve had a smile on my face reading all your December entries. It feels so familiar and joyful… no time has passed at all. I’ll catch up eventually. All seems to be going well. Love to you both……………..Judy

  4. Bill — you’ve heard the saying “looks can be deceiving?” Well, this fireplace fits right in there. The only thing it warms is hearts.

    Melli — she’s not my help — I’m her help …. oh wait. It still applies. 😉

    Polona — the kids and parents are charmed. Come to think of it, so am I!

    Dr. John — uhm, the socks are real. Soon we will fill them with trinkets and candy canes, then send them home with the kiddies.

    Judy — I am glad you are feeling better. It is good to see you here again. I’m glad my blog entries make you smile. Laughter is good medicine.

  5. I checked your forecast. The temperatures there are not too far off what they are here – in Summer! I wouldn’t have thought that the childrens’ hands needed warming!

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