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2007 in Review

2007 has been a year of major changes for me! OC and I met for the first time on January 11th. Despite the fact that Vegas had record low temps, the pipes were frozen, and OC used almost every dish in the house to cook a meal, we got along well and began making plans to merge our lives. No easy task since we lived on opposite sides of the continent — then OC decided to go and complicate things by moving off the continent!

In May OC moved to Hawaii where he stayed first in a tiny dorm room, and then in his office where he slept on a concrete floor and starved (fearing he’d get caught and fired) while awaiting his first paycheck. In the meantime I was packing my classroom and my home and selling everything I owned.

Our lives together officially began on July 1st, at 10 p.m. PDST. I picked OC up at Sea-Tac airport. We were both so tired when we fought our way through the airport traffic, the Seattle Freeway interchanges, a horrid Denny’s meal and the Mapquest directions, that by the time we reached the king sized bed in our motel room we each crawled into our respective sides we may as well have still had an ocean between us.

Life in Friday Harbor was wonderful. If you missed it, go back and read all my July & August 2007 posts. Then we got on a plane and flew to Hawaii. We have a lovely condo, attractive neighborswell, a couple aren’t so pretty — and I started a new job.

For me, 2007 was a wonderful year. I hope 2008 has as much joy and love to offer — not just for me, but for each and every one of you as well.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. I’m glad you and OC found eachother and that things have worked out well for you! I hope 2008 turns out to be at least as great as 2007. Happy New Year!!!

  2. that was really and eventful year. i’m glad things turned out the way they did adn wish you and OC much continuing happines in 2008!

  3. It’s been QUITE a year hasn’t it Quilly!? I hope 2008 brings you and OC a whole new set of adventures — to be shared with US in the blogosphere, of course! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you BOTH!!!

  4. What a neat blog! I love the recap of the year. I will be back later to read what I missed out on.

    I’m so glad you and OC met and have had such a great year together.

    Happy New Year to you both!!!!!

  5. Rob, I wish for you like fortune in 2008 — though you can skip the sleeping on the concrete floor and starving part if you’d like.

    Polona — thank you. I wish you joy, happiness and and great photo ops for 2008!

    Doug — we did, didn’t we? You know, a few of you blogger buds could be implicated in this love affair.

    Mike — my wish for you and yours is the same. I am looking forward to your 2008 posts. Keep writing.

    Melli — love for me, a grand baby for you. God was having a banner year, wasn’t he?

    Donna — see my comment to Melli. This year was a grand blessing, indeed.

    Nessa — my life is always a whirlwind, but this year was indeed special. I wish my friends to all know such joy and emotional prosperity.

    Bill — when I opened your blog today — which was about the same time you were typing here — I was astounded and flattered to find myself on your inspirational list. Thank you. My goal is to offer everyone who comes by a smile or a laugh. It is nice to know that I mostly succeed.

  6. I still think it is wonderful. And it just occured to me that our lives are not that different. 2007 had similar aspects in my life as well, which I am grateful for.
    I am happy for the two of you. A fairytale for the digital age.
    Welcome to 2008, may it be just as wonderful!

  7. I always wondered about the chain of events, how you and OC met and how……not that I really know even now, (I will have to go back into the archives I think to actually find that out) but I suppose blogger might have played a part. Or the internet somehow. A lot of people have met wonderful people through the internet. My brother met his girlfriend this way, and two of my boys are now married to girls they met over the internet. It opens up the world to possibilities. Anyway…..I am so happy that it has worked out so wonderfully for you, and you have found your new life. I don’t suppose you could have gone anywhere that would be MORE opposite from Vegas than Hawaii…..from the desert to the tropics….haha I know which one I would pick if I had the chance. haha

    He used every pot in the house to cook……….hmmmmmm……sounds like Tom, he is making turkey soup while I type, and when I go into the kitchen later there will be onions, celery, carrots all over the floor, and every pot and pan in the house will be in the sink. I never have figured out how he can dirty so many dishes to make SOUP. But it is very tasty soup. So it is okay.

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