16 thoughts on “Tortured

  1. The tree looks old, I bet if it could talk the stories it would tell. I can only imagine how old it is, and the events that have gone past since it was a little sapling.

  2. Nea — a story of hardship, determination and success!

    Nessa — that and a LOT of rock to get those roots through.

    Dr. John — just about everyting on this island has to split rock to grow.

    Doug — there are many Baucis and Philemon emulators here in paradise. Stay tuned for further postings.

    Lisa — Welcome! I don’t know what kind of tree it is. Next time I’m on the UH campus I’ll drag my favorite botanist out to it and ask him.

    Polona — oh! I so should have recognized them! Good eye!

    Bill — boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

    SN — and that tree is only one of the amazing wonders that is Hawaii!

  3. Mumma — tsk, tsk. I hope you pay better mind to what Elijah watches then your elders were paying to you!

    Here when I was a child we had a soap opera named Dark Shadows. The main character was a vampire. I used to watch it and have nightmares — so I was forbidden to watch it — which only made it more difficult to see the show, but not impossible.

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