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Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. Mumma — lol!

    Kat — especially this one, because the four trees together leave a “five foot semi-circular “hollow” in the middle that is well protected by the branches and canopy. I would have taken a photo but someone had filled the fairy tree hollow with debris — even in the cemetery.

  2. Are YOU naming these trees? Or are these their OFFICIAL names? I mean not the Quilly OOFICIAL — but you know – like the OahuFicial names? At ANY rate … you are having tree much fun!!!! (they are awesome!)

  3. Nessa — you can if you want to brave the broken glass, dirty diapers, rusting bicycle wheel and who knows what else. It also looked as though there had been a campfire ring on the ground at one time, though I wouldn’t want to be camping in a cemetery!

    Polona — the camera can’t do it justice. It is HUGE!

    Melli — I named them Sentinel. Doug said they are the mythological Furies. They are Banyan Trees.

  4. This is a really long time for the trees to be standing guard. 156 years if my foggy head is working correctly. The events in history that happened while they been on earth,

    Thank you for sharing

  5. I have always wondered what trees thought about things. Too bad they can’t really nor can they tell us about what they have been through. There would certainly be som interesting stories.

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