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Ya’ll aren’t gonna believe this … but it seems I was short a blog.  I absolutely needed — had to have — a journal to keep track of my reading.  Since I have to keep the journal, I thought I might as well put it online (where it can’t slide under the bed and get lost) and make it public.

I probably won’t post on my reading blog everyday — unless all the books I read are as good as the one I am reading now!  If you are interested in what I am reading, or what I have read so far in 2008, stop by the site and look around.  Feel free to comment or not.  Also feel free to pick up a copy of the book I’m reading and read along with me.  You can learn more about it at Read & Reflect, yet another Quilldancer blog!  (Help!  I’m blogging and I can’t quit typing!)

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. I know the feeling. I believe my list of active blogs is somewhere in the millions. (I started trying to count how many I had and realized that A) I don’t really want to know, and B) I can’t count that high. Let’s go with the millions estimate.)

  2. Quilly, you’re the bloggingest blogger I know!

    You aren’t going to give away the surprise endings are you? What are the chances of any of the Harry Potter series or a Terry Pratchett book making your blog?

  3. You’re short a few. For instance, it doesn’t seem right that I still have to use Wikipedia to find out what you ate for breakfast.

  4. A book review blog is a great choice! I’m always buried in a slush pile for Tico, and must emerge from time to time to read something good for frame of reference. Searching for that something is time consuming, so I look to people I trust for recommendations.

  5. Brig, yes, but your blogs bring in income. Mine just steal time.

    Mumma — as I open one I sort of abandon another.

    Morgan — I detest people who steal suspense. I don’t want to be told how a book or movie ends before I get there, so of course I won’t be announcing story endings.

    I have read every Harry Potter book, but this log is for my current reading so I won’t be reviewing them. Same with those Pratchett books I have read — unless of course I should decide to read one over again. I don’t read Pratchett often, so don’t hold your breath.

    Doug — I rarely eat breakfast. A glass of Silk Chocolate Soy Milk in the morning and a piece of fruit around 10 a.m. or so. Today the fruit will be tangerine — locally grown and juicy enough to qualify as a beverage. Believe it or not, when I started dieting last year I almost started a food blog — then I realized I didn’t want to report all my cheating, and my next thought was, if I’m not going to tell the truth, why bother?

    Brian — I was afraid of that.

    Kat — I hope I serve you well! Tell your reading friends about my site.

    Melli — or dies of exhaustion.

  6. I put the new blog on my Reader. I love hearing about “new” books…perhaps it’ll give me a push to begin reading again…for whatever reason I just haven’t had the urge to sit down with a book for the last two weeks or so…that’s unheard of for me!

  7. Q – re your response to Doug: oh, if only the politicians would follow your “if I’m not going to tell the truth, why bother?” philosophy.

    But then… we’d prolly not have the current in the White House.

  8. Wow, dude! She sure got a lotta blogs!”

    “Yeah, dude. You should talk. Where’s your millions,

    “But, dude! If I did all that, I wouldn’t have time to surf!

    “Riiiight. Read this.”

    ‘Surfing sucks. Don’t …’ What?!?

    “I’m posting that in the emergency room, next time I have to go pick you up. Capisce?

    “But I have more time to blog when I’m in traction, dude.”

    “Your co-pay covers a room with Wifi, dude? Mine doesn’t!”

  9. Polona — I need to ditvh the blogs and write a novel.

    SN — I hope I can tempt you to climb into a good book!

    Sauer Kraut — I don’t guard my integrity for others. I guard it for me, because I have to live with me.

    Anthony — Isn’t there a post on your blog that says we never really know anything? If that is true, on what do you base your assertion that blogging is the MOST addictive thing in the world? And, have you tried everything in the world?

    O’Ceallaigh — Dude is scary. As for Dude, he’s even scarier!

  10. “if I’m not going to tell the truth, why bother?”

    Lady, it’s a blog! The only people not lying are writing fiction.

  11. Doug — it’s good I didn’t know that rule a year ago or we’d have never met.

    Oh, wait! We haven’t met. For all I know you are the product of some body’s really surly imagination. 😉

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