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One Hard Monday

There was a lot of crying in class today.  The kids even did some of it.  Chez went home early, sick.  Analee came in crying and curled up in my arms for cuddling and rocking.  K.K. finished the day the way Analee started it.

Cass would periodically dissolve in tears.  When asked what was wrong she would wail, “Nothing!”  And she definitely did not want to be hugged and cuddled.

Harold spent most of the day struggling to stay awake and was the first asleep at nap time.  Candy was quiet, except when she was whining and rubbing her eyes.  Only Kevin and Gordy seemed to be alert, but they were both full of ornery and in no mood for lessons.

Gordy told me he didn’t want to take a nap.  I told him I did, and if he didn’t mind — since he wouldn’t need them — I’d use his pillow and blanket.  He changed his mind, decided to nap after all and went to sleep within moments.  Kevin said I could have his blanket and pillow, but once he got his pallet made he crawled in it and went to sleep without giving me another thought.  I had to stay up and do paper work.

Then I came home where nothing greeted me except for a pile of dirty laundry.  Pft.  I finished reading a wrenching book and started another that promises to be just as emotional.  Is the weekend here yet?

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  1. I hope things go better soon. Must be tough. My kids used to all get like that occasionaly and I just had three to deal with every day.

  2. poor kids! cass must shurely miss kelly terribly… and the rest must feel the change, too
    as for the teacher… well, you do have my best wishes things improve soon!

  3. Maybe parents don’t realize how the upset of the kids normal weekday schedule wrecks havoc on Mondays. We know there have been late nights, sleep-ins and probably extra treats on Saturdays and Sundays. I’m sure the parents put up with whining, cranky little folks at home, too (and I bet they blame the kids). God bless the teachers who smile through Mondays, knowing Tuesday will be a better day:-)

    It’s good to be reading your tiny tots tales again…..and it’s wonderful that you are going back to the wise-crackers in grade five.

    I’m feeling quite well and wishing the same for you and O.C….. Sending loving thoughts……….Jude

  4. Jill — I may have more of them to deal with, but at 2:45 I get to go home for the day — without them!

    Polona — Cass is much too fickle. She hasn’t said a word about Kelly. Jay, on the other hand, asks for him every day.

    Judy — pft! Tuesday was not a better day! It was just Monday continued!

    Dr. John — yep. And sometimes they feel like crying the next day, too.

    SN — whatever it is, I hope it clears up soon!

    Melli — Rain Sunday. Monday was bright, sunny and beautiful.

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