13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. GORGEOUS! Are you just tryyyyyyyying to drive Jackie crazy now? LOL!

    The reason I “guessed” Jackie was because I REMEMBER her being quite active on your blog… but haven’t seen her around for awhile!

  2. Beautiful flowers! I can’t wait for spring to arrive and bring my flowers with it. The winters are only tolerable because of the spring that follows.

    Peace – D

  3. I have a Hibiscus in my living room but it will never bloom again if my cat doesn’t stop eating the leaves off of it!

  4. Wish I could wear one of those blooms – gorgeous flowers here and mouth-watering fudge recipe on your cookery blog – fantastic, so glad I came over 🙂

    Thanks for visiting me!

  5. Casdok — thanks. That’s pretty much my everyday sentiment since I moved to this island.

    Doug —

    Melli — Not “now” — always!

    Jill — was it lost?

    Polona — thanks!

    River — perpetually Spring here.

    Colleen — thank you.

    Cindy — hey, I tried to list your blog on google reader and it says you don’t exist! GEt your cat some other fresh greens.

    Merry — come back anytime!

    Almost American — I’m glad David pointed ALL of you this way.

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