Feast of Beauty

Hello, my friends. Come in. Relax. Enjoy the beauty of my virtual home, while I am busy scrubbing our real one. Tomorrow we are having a small gathering of friends. Today I am cleaning.

I offer you a feast of beauty, starting with our unassuming little (I do mean little) church, and moving outside to the landscaping. All of the flowers thrive courtesy of our pastor, who has recently answered another call and will soon be leaving us. However, you can see that we will have many visual reminders of his time with us.

Waianae United Methodist Church

Double Oleander

Waianae United Methodist Church


Madagascar Periwinkle

Madagascar Periwinkle

Jetrophia (male flower)


Double Hibiscus

Frangipani in Pink & Yellow (aka Plumeria)

Waianae United Methodist Church

Frangipani in White & Yellow (Plumeria)

Jetropha (female flower)

Rain Shower Tree Blossoms

Pink Plumeria (aka Frangapani)

X is For Xerophilous

This xerophilous Prickly Pear Cactus
was equipped by nature for a life in a very dry climate,
but it is thriving here in the land of relatively consistent 80% humidity.

And I bet you had no idea that the flowers on this plant are xanthochromatic.
For real. Honest.

As are these, Allamanda.

And this lovely lady of the dog bane family.
Name currently unknown.

And this.
A Hibiscus, of course.
A double Hibiscus to be more precise.
You didn’t think I’d share flowers without sneaking one in, did you?