Lunch Date

Friday I took the car downtown for an oil change and a minor repair.
While the car was in the shop I wandered about down town on foot.
I found a lovely mall with open air halls and gorgeous landscaping.

I wandered about snapping pictures.

Then I made some new friends over lunch.

The Zebra Dove was a bit shy.

The Spotted Dove was very attentive — to my plate.

The English Sparrows were intent on gathering up my every crumb, even if it meant plucking them from another bird’s beak!

All-in-all it was a charming day.


4 thoughts on “Lunch Date

  1. Polona — and doves are less than bright. The spotted one just stood there and let the sparrows peck the food right from it’s mouth.

    Dr. John — this entire island is built to appeal to tourists.

    Jill — several. Depends on which way you want to twist the story. Is the sparrow a villain and the dove the victim? Or is the sparrow intelligent and quick, while the dove is clumsy and slow?

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