24 thoughts on “L is For Lazy Lion

  1. So true!
    So cute too! I love them!

    The lovespoons are not mine! I updated my post to indicate such! I took the picture of them in HOPE that Dennis WILL carve me some! I’m still hopin’!

  2. Mar — my Love helped me choose it.

    Jientje — I hope everyone goes to see your catchup post. You had some great shots there!

    Dr. John — thank you.

    Karen — they probably wouldn’t like that, and since they play quite roughly, neither would you!

    Melli — where did you post the photo? Is it right over Dennis’ work bench?

    Brian — actually, I think they’d place the eating FIRST!

  3. Carletta — I was pleased with the colors as well. Green and blue together make me happy.

    Juliana — I’d pretty much enjoy a bit of beach rest myself.

    Shrinky — I love to make people smile.

    Baba — yeah, must be rough ….

    Are you toasting my sea lions?

    Kathryn — they’ll love you for it!

    Zingtrail — if I am chum, doesn’t thank make me fish food?

    Jules — don’t they, though.

    Andrew — I’m counting the days to summer break.

  4. Sauerkraut — you’re right. It does!

    Horsoon — I wish my life could be as carefree as their’s appears to be.

    Blinna — thank you, whichever Linna you may be.

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