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I just found the coolest online video search guide. It searches the internet for you in search of that elusive video you are just dying to watch. You just type your search terms into OVGuide and select your parameters — tv, Anime, free — and get ten pages of viewing choices to pick from.

The video gaming choices captivated me. Click the link — they’ve already corralled all the known online gaming sites for you. Each site has been reviewed and rated by a peer group (which you can become part of) and has a description to help you decide whether it fits your gaming wants/needs/style. Each link is clearly marked free or paid subscription.

If you are looking for video online, OVGuide is a win/win site. Try it and see.

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  1. I just visited this one, and it is really cool. Remember that video player I got that was giving us so much trouble? We might actually be able to use it because of this site. Plus, I found a movie I’ve been frantically searching for. LOVE IT!

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