Guess What I Heard About Your Doctor?

I just found this cool website online, CheckMD, that let me check out my personal doctor’s back ground. I checked on my Doctors in Vegas. I checked on a doctor I used long ago back home. I was surprised to find that they all came up. (They are all still practicing.)

There is a place on each Doctor’s webpage where you can read about any disciplinary actions taken against them. There’s a place where you can write and leave a review. AND there’s a place where the doc can set up his/her own webpage. None of my docs had done so yet, but this is a very new site.

I found it quite interesting. You might, too.

College Tuition

It’s that time of year. Will you soon be sending someone off to college? Are you wondering how on earth you are going to pay for it? Are you contemplating student loans? If you are then PLEASE first contemplate THIS.

This is NOT a paid post.  I truly believe in the value of the Simple Tuition website and wish it had been around before I took out my student loans and borrowed too much at too high an interest rate.  Here is the review I wrote about the site for Bzz Agent:

I wish this site had been around when I took out my student loans. Had I known the payback rate (monthly payment, length of terms), I would have worked more and borrowed less. Plus, the final payback price is an education in itself for the young and naive.

This shouldn’t just be a handy tool borrowers CAN use, it should be a requirement. There would be a whole lot less sticker shock when the first bill came in, and perhaps a fewer hardship defaults.

I would like to see this site add the prospective entry income of the borrower’s chosen career/field, and a projection of how much of their monthly expenditure would be repayment of student loans.

It will take a few moments of your life to look at this — and maybe save you thousands of dollars in interest fees. Check it out!.

(If you want to learn more about BzzAgent, click the frog on my sidebar.)

Video Search

I just found the coolest online video search guide. It searches the internet for you in search of that elusive video you are just dying to watch. You just type your search terms into OVGuide and select your parameters — tv, Anime, free — and get ten pages of viewing choices to pick from.

The video gaming choices captivated me. Click the link — they’ve already corralled all the known online gaming sites for you. Each site has been reviewed and rated by a peer group (which you can become part of) and has a description to help you decide whether it fits your gaming wants/needs/style. Each link is clearly marked free or paid subscription.

If you are looking for video online, OVGuide is a win/win site. Try it and see.

Are You a Movie Buff?

If you’re a movie buff I found a great place online you might like.
It could prove a valuable resource in helping you plan your next movie rental.

This is NOT a movie rental site. It is an opinion site only.
Most of the reviews are written by average movie watchers just like you.

Check it out.
This is NOT a paid review,
although I do earn participation points for sharing my opinion with others.

To visit the site, just click the frog
and scroll down to “Ditto”.
From there you may read my review of the website, and/or visit “Ditto.”

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