Important News

Those of you who come here frequently may not have noticed that my url has changed. Please update your blogrolls, or in a few days you will lose me. I am moving my blog again — striking out on my own!

You will find me at:

Same stories. Same photos. Same silliness. New address.

Please follow. I would so hate to lose you!


7 thoughts on “Important News

  1. Okay, I guess I’ll stop being lazy and add you to my blogroll.
    I rarely update it, and I’m just lazy about managing it.
    You’ve inspired me.

  2. Hi Quilly, I got it. I am glad that I came here when I did, I would have wondered what happened to you. Luckily we have a few mutual friends, so maybe I could have found you again. But sometimes a person loses and link and Zap…….can’t find them again.

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