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Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. Wow Quilly, scrolling down on the first pic, I got dizzy!! Now that’s good photography! These are both great and I wish I was there and looking out to the ocean 🙂

  2. Incredible shot, great perspective!!!
    But I’d rather book a small cottage for a vacation… 🙂
    My lamp hangs from the ceiling, it looks completely different otherwise, that’s why I am enjoying this project!!

    Happy WW!

  3. I am getting dizzy when I look up, lol ! but it is not really my favourite place for living or even holidays !

  4. That is very cool! I actually have a few good shots I could use for this… but most of them I took for SkyWatch… hmmmm…

  5. By any chance, is that on Kapiolani Blvd?
    That is some cool photography by the way. Dizzying but so eye catchy. One can’t help but keep looking.

  6. I love these photos. It’s so cool when scrolling up or down… hehehe. Great shots, Quilly!! Guess I’m going to ‘have’ to look for some ‘from the ground up’ shots to take.

  7. All – Sorry I didn’t answer you all last night. I was so tired I didn’t even have dinner. I just crawled into my bed and slept, slept, slept!

    Debbie – I like the way it seems to grow on the screen.

    Mar — I didn’t stay in it, I just photographed it!

    Jeremiah — so did I. That’s why I originally took the photo.

    Gattina — mine, either.

    Brian — you and OC. [shakes head] Make mine the TOP floor please!

    Shelly — Waikiki is full of giant people stacking units. I can’t figure out why anyone would want to go there.

    Carletta — thank you, you’re welcome.

    Juliana — and I wasn’t going to do this challenge! I really am too busy for this!

    JD — I don’t know. I never went inside.

    Dr. John — I got vertigo taking them!

    Robert — on this side of the building you’d likely jusd see other buildings and maybe bits of Diamond Head between them. If you look to your right, though, you might gt a glimpse of the ocean.

    Melli — take your camera out into your garden and get a few more cool shots. Snap those Z-Birds from bottom to top.

    Andrew — I’m so dizzy my head is spin, in, in …. Waikiki counts on that — it makes it much more difficult for you to read the bill!

    Jules — it is the Waikiki Beach Marriott on Kalakaua St. between Ohua and Paoakalani St.

    Reba — [pat, pat] thank you

    Alice — yay! come play with us!

    Mumma — I considered that a bonus!

  8. Lovely effect, especially when you scroll down slowly on the first one. It seems to come out the page at you. Very interesting.

  9. Deanna — often my comments section is more entertaining and informative than my original post.

    Cath — we didn’t stay in there. I like heights, but OC isn’t too crazy about them.

    Holly — lol! You are too funny!

    CrazyCow — that effect is aslo apparent when you walk down the street toward the hotel. It looks like the balconies are scrolling. I had to take a photo. It is just amazing to me that the effect translated to the blog.

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