21 thoughts on “Another Night, Another Sunset, Ho Hum

  1. Your title kills me. As you’ll soon see, I was back in the garage making my blue shots. All you had to do was stick your head outside and capture what God painted for you!

  2. You show me a sunset just when I am getting up, but that doesn’t matter it’s so beautiful that I imagine it’s a sunrise !

  3. No way, surely you could never tire of those georgeous sunsets. I know you are just having fun.
    Maybe with the summer freedoms, you and OC might try out the snorkling waters.

    Gosh I just drifted off in thought and floated back to a time of remembering. We were at Bellows Beach and I was between 3-4 years old. My dad had me out floating on the water on a body raft and I looked over the side and saw my mom swim under me in her yellow swim suit with red flowers and she had her sunglasses on. The water was so clear. I can still remember how the ripples in the water made light shadows on the sand below. Funny the things we remember. Goodnight friend.

  4. {standing here with my lips sealed… wanting to tell you just how beautiful this photo is, but can’t…. it’s Wordless Wednesday!! So here I stand, silent as I assure myself that you already know how beautiful the photo is.}

  5. I guess it could be true, huh, if you see something every day, soon you might take it for granted, but I seriously doubt you will ever take the beauty of Hawaii for granted. haha. Just to lovely…..

  6. Another wonderful picture quilly, I love looking at the sea. One of these times you must find us a Sunrise

    Thanks for sharing

  7. Shelly — I’ll pick you up at the airport. When does your flight land?

    Robert — I was being facetious. I love Hawaii and cherish the sunsets.

    Gattina — well, color-wise, this one even looked a bit like a sunrise to me.

    Jules — OC won’t have many summer freedoms. He is working on a major research project [bio-fuels] and it’s nose to the grindstone.

    Alice — YOU may speak. I may not!

    Melli — I SAW THAT! I saw you roll your eyes! Sarcasm is a sin, you know!

    Brian — would you and Diane like to come visit? (There. I tried.)

    Doug — I do believe he has noticed, yes. But since I mostly direct it at you, he doesn’t seem to mind. πŸ™‚

    Juliana — finally! Now I can relax …..

    Dr. John — Well, at least the snow finally left.

    Carletta — thank you.

    JD — YES!

    Nea — almost every day I look out a window (car, home, classroom) and marvel, I live in Hawaii!”

    Pauline — if you ever get here, you have a place to stay.

    Bill — you made almost the same comment just a couple of days ago and I explained why there are no sunrises then.

    Mar — why thank you. Now, what did you think of the sunset?

  8. All I can say is “Oh my word” There are no words to explain how beautiful your picture is.

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