13 thoughts on “The Eagle Has Landed

  1. what an original shot! I didn’t even think of the mail truck and it’s parked by my house every day.

    nothing’s going on ๐Ÿ˜‰
    just where his route starts

    although he is cute.

  2. Wow! I can’t believe I never answered these! Too much stress!

    Gattina — Ray was a walking riot. He fired me for washing his coffee cup — then called me up and rehired me, but insisted I NEVER wash it again.

    Melli — well, I’ve never forgotten it ….

    Brian — easier said than done!

    Carletta — thank you.

    Robin — it has been years since I only got paid once per month, but I have never forgotten the agony of that last week!

    Dr. John — thank you.

    Dianne — you can sit at the window and day dream.

    Raven — thank you. It is hard to go wrong taking pics of Hawaii.

    Karen — that’s what the garbage can is for …. oops!

    Photowannabe — yep. Pure, pedigreed, redneck.

    Kelly Ann — well then, thank you for the service!

    Juliana — yes. I get paid twice per month.

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