Blue Beauty

I call her, Lady Blue.

I do not know this pretty lady’s real name. What I do know is that every Sunday for the past several weeks she greets me in the church yard whenever I arrive. She always looks fresh and bright, dressed in this lovely blue.

8th entry
Project Blue
brought to you by Anna

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Today we participated in the church car wash. OC sunburnt his arms. I am not burnt at all. I don’t know how that worked out because I am fairer of skin. I did put sunscreen on my face, and we both wear hats. At any rate, we are tired.

Tomorrow after church we will be headed into town to take care of a few errands. I don’t know when we’ll be back, but hopefully early enough that you won’t miss us too much. At any rate, if I’ve missed you today and don’t catch you tomorrow, I WILL be around on Monday, if all goes as planned.

I have requested Monday and Tuesday of this week as “plan-free”. I will do a bit of much needed housework, but I don’t want appointments or deadlines. In fact, I am sending the car away with OC, so I am free to stay home.

28 thoughts on “Blue Beauty

  1. I call them Beautiful! They look like little stars! You and OC go on ahead and have a great day! Find some good pictures! We’ll be here…

  2. Lady Blue suits her.

    She is a beauty. The thing I like most about her, besides the color, is that she manages to look both strong and delicate.

    Great photo!

  3. Gattina — thank you.

    Melli — we’re house hunting. I’ll take my camera, but there may not be much to photo shoot.

    JC — thank you.

    Dianne — strong and delicate are indeed two the the attributes of a real lady.

  4. Doug — don’t bet. If OC knew the name of the flower, I’d have posted it.

    Raven — thanks. We’ve been at this for awhile. If we can afford it, we won’t live in it. If we are willing to live in it, we can’t afford it. We just looked at a place renting for $2700.00 per month and were told, “The landlord is very hands off. If something breaks you have to fix it yourself.” Plus, the fridge door had a hole rusted right through it and it was patched with contact paper. We were told it still cools adequately. For $2700.00 I want MORE!

    Juliana — thanks, we’ll try.

    SN — I am looking forward to no plans!

  5. Carefree, no-plan days are great. Every once in awhile, I stay in my jammies all day long. What joy!!
    I wear sunscreen every day, rain or shine. Without sunscreen, if I were to stand out in the sun for an hour, I’d probably be toasted really good. Or really bad, however you want to look at it.
    I hope OC doesn’t peel.

  6. JD — before OC I made certain I had one pajama day every long school holiday. Aince OC I have had only one pajama day — just recently — and I was sick, so it doesn’t count.

    As to OC’s sunburn, it has faded already and he appears none the worse for wear.

  7. You should try to capture Juliana’s blue drgaonfly on this blue flower, juxtaposed against the blue sea with a blue sky above. You can skip the blue pipeline, tho.

    Nicely done!

  8. OC doesn’t know? That makes me feel so much better, sometimes people ask me the name of a plant and when I don’t know they give me a really odd look. I tell them that new cultivars are introduced every day, there’s no way a gal like me can keep up.
    Your question about the stems in my jar…ummm…there were a lotttt of flowers in that container but I think the stem you spotted may have been a stargazer lilly. Oh, and the jar is actually blue…no food coloring in there, when I got it from grandma’s it was that color. A girlfriend told me yesterday that the really old jars turn blue with age, don’t know if that’s a fact or not. Hmmmm.

  9. Dr. John — our previous pastor must agree, because he planted it.

    Carletta — see her petticoats twirl?

    Amber — yes, not knowing her name doesn’t detract from her beauty.

    Sauerkraut — would you do it first and show me the logistics?

    Paniculata — OC says, nope. That was his first thought but they have differing characteristics.

    Shelly — hmmm, I’ve never heard of a jar turning blue, but I know that blue was a prominent color in old glass.

    DeLi — you’re welcome.

    Andrew — sorry you didn’t make it to the car wash in time. We’re having another next month.

    Photowannabe — by the time you and Andrew got your cars to Hawaii, finding our car wash would be the last thing on your minds.

  10. Mar — she is, isn’t she?

    Cath — our church grounds are lovely. She is but one beauty. I will share more over the course of time.

  11. What a beautiful shade of blue, and the photo is so sharp and crisp!
    I finally put a few of my vegetable plants in the box garden outside- now to keep those dogs out of it! Got some poppies planted yesterday, too.

  12. What a beautiful delicate little flower. It does seem very appropriate to call it a she doesn’t it?
    Care washes are always fun. I hope you feel rested u pnow and that OC is over the pains of his sunburn.
    I remember doing a car wash once in the 7th grade and I burned the tops of my feet and toes.

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