21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. And you left without me? Shame shame shame! I seriously want to be near some water and you are definitely in paradise. I hope you had a wonderful time!

  2. That is a beautiful shot. Enjoy your swimming/ snorkelling.

    And re: your comment on my blog: “ I have photos of OC’s last photo gig taken by some crazy woman who was hanging upside down off the balcony …..”

    Can we PLEASE have more details? A blog post, perhaps?

  3. Oh boy! I can’t wait for you to share your stories. I am sure you will be much more coordinated than I was. It took me forever to learn the whole breathing through my mouth thing because I can’t stand to breath thru my mouth.
    Stories and pictures and much needed rest for Quilly……Lord surround her with much blessing.

  4. Melli — I hope you are out having fun!

    Hope — we did! OC has a bit of a burn on his back because he didn’t sunscreen (but insisted on sunscreening ME!), but mostly we had a fun day. Photos to follow.

    Haley — if you aren’t in the car when it starts to roll, you get left behind.

    Dr. John — I know you are tired of photos, but I am happy to be busy and living my life!

    David — in the works.

    Carletta — I bought an underwater camera. I have to wait for “developments” to see how the photos come out.

    JD — I had a blast. When I get better at it and they let me out of the kiddie pool, I hope to see more ….

    Betty — thank you.

    Gattina — I took the photo for Project Looking Up, and really like it, but it didn’t make the top ten ….

    Jules — thank you. We snorkeled. Then we went downtown and visited some history. Then we went to Waikiki and had dinner. It was a blessing and your prayer was appreciated.

    Robert — it was wonderful!

    Mar — indeed!

    Bill — Hi!

    Horsoon — thank you!

    Shelly — Ginger. I never knew there were so many kinds of ginger plants, or ginger flowers, until I moved to Hawaii.

    Juliana — I did!

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