Must See … ME!

Karen of 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires, (aka Karen of gifted me with an award. Apparently I have a “must see” blog! Who hoo! [I’m doing my happy dance].

Btw — I have you all — yes, ALL of you — on feed reader and I check it several times a day and read you as you post.  That means that any and everyone on my blogroll is free to claim this award from me.  You wouldn’t be on it if you weren’t a must read!

11 thoughts on “Must See … ME!

  1. Congrats on being a must see blog!

    Very well, I shall take your advice and break the “no black-and-white images” rule tomorrow — knowingly, deliberately, and with style!

  2. I am so glad you got this award. You ARE a must read. I love to visit with you. And I get to have it too? How cool is that. Thank you.
    So, using a feed reader….does it show every time I make all of my nit-picky little adjustments after my original posting?

  3. Willow — thank you!

    Juliana — you are so sweet!

    Jules — you definitely get it, too. As to the feed reader — I love it. IT cuts the time I spend visiting blogs way down because I don’t have to visit people to see whether or not they have posted, and no, it doesn’t show me all your tweaks, I use Google Reader and it updates every 15 minutes or so, but it may only scan your blog once per day — it depends on your page rank I believe.

  4. You’re a doll! A must read of course, and even though I usually feel embarrassed when I come over late and therefore don’t take the “prize”, I will make an exception this time because I like this one and I love this blog.
    cuz you’re my friend and friends don’t mind. Better late than never eh? ;0)

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