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God’s Wrath

I taught Sunday School today to the little kids.  It was my first time with them, but most of them know me as, “the lady with the trumpet player”.  They were thrilled to learn I have a real name, and I’m a nice person.

I asked them if any of them knew the story of Jonah.  One of the kids thought he was the fellow with the ark.  His cousin corrected him, “No!  That was Noah.  Jonah is the guy who got eaten by sharks!”

I told them that God had a job he wanted done and he asked Jonah to do it, but Jonah didn’t want to.  We got into a discussion about parents who want chores done during cartoons or video game play just to make certain the kids knew just how Jonah was feeling.  Then I said, “Well, God asked Jonah to do a chore for him and Jonah said, “No way.  I don’t want to.  I’m not going to.  And you can’t make me.”

All the kids looked at me with huge round eyes.  One kid queried in disbelief, “Who did he say that to?”

I looked at them while nodding my head and I said, “God.”

“Oh!”  The only girl in the class squealed and hopped from her chair.  “This is going to be a really bad story! I’m not staying here!”  And out the door she ran.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. Can we say Put the Fear of God in the child. I am going to have to read about Jonah myself. I was to church tonight, it felt good to hear the hymns and the message. The Pastor spoke from bits of Romans Chapters 7 and 8. I love a good message.

  2. Bill — yeah, I can’t help but wonder what she said to her parents about why she wasn’t in Sunday School.

    Brooke — that Jonah is a trouble-maker!

    Melli — fast, anyway.

  3. woops! Didn’t see that one coming. It must have been cute to see her run out…even though it made you panic as the teacher.
    I love how the kids look at things so real and give us fresh perspective.
    Thank you for sharing your happenings today “Ms. Lady With The Trumpet Player”.

  4. Robert — kids usually are.

    My Love, I sometimes miss having my own name, but I am happy to be the lady with the trumpet player.

    Jules — no panic. I looked outside the door and her dad was at the end of the hall holding her. He didn’t return her to class, but I know she was safe. What I want to know, is how she explained why she didn’t want to go to class!

  5. That is hilarious…and you did say they were the little kids. They probably didn’t have too much knowledge of the whole God thing and how He is a loving God, but wait…you were going all Old Testament…so not so much.

  6. okay – by coincidence, i have an upcoming post about jonah. PURELY because i saw this book for children in the shop. it’s funny. in a good way, i promise. probably.

    okay, you can punch me if that one isn’t funny, too. but that’s the LAST chance you get for punching.

    i don’t know why i’m into offering-free-punching tonight. must be the lack of oxygen. from lack of sleep.

  7. SN — there’s a thought.

    Brian — God’ll getcha if you don’t watch out!

    Doug — in the belly of a whale?

    Betty — I argue with God all the time. He rarely lets me win.

    Polona — the story had a happy ending with coloring and everything!

    Amber – I was taught that God would punish me and Jesus loved me. I think that’s where these kids are, too.

    Holly — I have no wish to punch you even if by some fell catastrophe you fail to be funny. I will just make fun of you — wait, I do that anyway …..

    Mumma — glad I could entertain.

    Kila — see my comment to Mumma.

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