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The View From Work & Bridging the Gap

The View From Work
The View From Work

Okay, this isn’t the view from work. It’s the view from the parking garage at work. Wait! That isn’t quite accurate either. How do I explain? [Deep breath …]

Several weeks ago I hired on at a temp agency. They said they’d put me to work in a week — and they didn’t. I called in every day. In fact, it got to where the receptionist recognized my hello, and I wouldn’t even have to give my name! Yesterday when I called in instead of telling me, “Sorry. Thanks for calling,” she said, “One moment please.” I was routed through to a rep and asked to attend a job interview. I went.

The job interview was for an outsource company who picks up records and send them off island to their CPAs. My job is to do pick up. I sort, file, scan, photocopy, etc. all the necessary records and see that they are digitalized and sent via network to the CPA. Once I am trained I will get to travel between various businesses here on the island and gather their paperwork into sensible bundles for both the clients and the CPAs.

The thing that attracted me to this job was the movement. It will be nice to not be stuck in the same place all the time. Other perks — great health benefits, paid downtown parking, and nice coworkers (of course the girl training me is soon to be a stay at home mommy, so she’ll be replaced by someone I’ve not yet met because she’s away on her Honeymoon.)

After my first day the thing I like most about my job is the respect I received. It was startling to me. I never realized how profoundly my last work experience effected me until I recognized my amazement at being treated like an equal. It was wonderful.

I will never be able to tell you some things about my work because of client confidentiality. I have given my word, but I can tell you about the office in generic terms and most probably will.

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Crossing The Canal
Crossing The Canal

OC can tell you the name of this canal, but considering that he is in SF, I cannot turn to the other end of the couch and ask him. All I can tell you is that to stop erosion of precious land, most of the streams have been paved. When one lives on an island each inch of space an millimeter of soil takes on greater significance. It ISN’T replaceable. There isn’t more where that came from. Gone isn’t moved down stream to someone else’s yard, it’s GONE.

The water you see here is shallow, and it isn’t flowing out to sea, it is the sea, flowing in. Here is the upstream view. LEss than 100 yards away the puddle ends and only a small trickle makes its way down stream.

Merging Canals
Merging Canals

Two streams come together here. If you biggie the photo and look up the right branch, you will see just the edge of a foot bridge connecting pedestrians to the road. A sidewalk leads to that bridge. I took a photo of it, but for some reason it downloaded with stripes through it.

Path To School
Path To School

A bit further up the left branch is another foot bridge (biggie the photo). These bridges are necessary to provide walking access to the school, other wise people would have to come all the way out to the main road and cross the big bridge with all the really fast moving cars.

Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart

The canals, like the edges of the highways, are often used as dumping places for things no longer wanted. There was a school of fish swimming around and about this basket. I took the water hoping they would show up, but the sun was too bright on the water and I couldn’t get a decent focus on them. I suppose clearer water would have helped, but I didn’t have clearer water.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. I’m so happy for you and your new job situation. It is good that they provided walk ways over the canals. Good find for bridging the gap…

  2. I want to make sure I understand. This is a permanent job? I ask because you make it sound like it is, but it was through a temp agency. I know they do more than temp jobs nowadays, but I wanted to make sure I got it.

    I had a friend that did that sort of job. She enjoyed it very much, and I hope you will too. It sounds great, and having your coworkers and employers respect you is essential, and I’m sure, very appreciated.

  3. Oh I LOOOOOOVE your job! That would be right up MY alley! I never liked being in one place for too long! That is why all of my jobs provided mobility! And really… that means you get the best views of all! Quilly, THIS is gonna be FUN! Enjoy it!

  4. You sound happy Quill, not that O.C. is in SF but because the job sounds like it will be good for you.


  5. Quilly, is that first photo the Flamingo Hotel or the Pink Hotel or some name like that on Oahu? If it is we stayed just across the way when we were in Oahu years ago in a big hi-rise hotel from which we could see, looking left off the balcony, Diamond Head. How d’ya like that sentence? LOL! 🙂

  6. Ok, that first shot was a great Sky Watch 🙂
    So glad to hear you are going to like this job. Moving around and about would be an ideal arrangement and if I had it to do over again it’s the kind of job I’d have done all my life.
    The bridges were pretty cool. I remember seeing those canals when we were there. I can’t remember if I have any pictures. 🙂
    Hope you’re having a great day.
    Congrats again.

  7. It’s great that you love your new job and feel respected there. I hope you enjoy it very much!
    It’s sad to see that discarded shopping cart there. I wonder what those fish were thinking? It’s like an alien space ship landed in their water.

  8. i love all your offerings for the day… this is so much different from what we have (you know, grass is always greener etc.)
    i’m excited about your job and hope you keep enjoying it!

  9. Great bridge shots. Glad you got the job but won’t you miss teaching?
    Now that poor shopping cart is just visiting Hawaii and can’t afford a hotel. But it does have a place to swim.

  10. Congrats on the new job Quilly, you will be awesome in it. I know you will enjoy the new experiences and being able to get around and meet new people. You are so going to Excell.


  11. Sounds like a great job. After working most of my adult life in an office, I completely understand wanting to move around. I am also seeking employment after being laid off in June. Of course, if my book deal works out maybe I can officially change careers!

    I wanted to let you know I am finalizing the first two chapters of Slice of Life Sunday, the book, for submission to the publisher on Friday, September 5th. The first chapter is now entitled, The Foundation Years and features stories from earliest memory to about age 10-11. The second chapter is called, The Wonder Years and features stories from age 12 to 19-20. I you want, will take you to the page which shows the prompts and authors of stories already selected to be included. If you would like to have another story considered, or if you have not submitted one in any of these categories, please leave a comment with link to your story on the current Slice of Life post no later than Wednesday, September 3rd. I am so pleased with the how the chapters have evolved. I have had two people, one a trusted English professor and the other being probably the best critic I could ever hope for, read the chapters. Both were blown away by the diversity of the stories and remarked how accurate a total picture is given of real life. Thank you so much for helping make a dream come true! We could all be published authors soon!

  12. Well as jobs go it sounds like a good one. I know I like the part about being on the go. It will be nice to not be stuck in a cubicle or something like that.

    Will you miss teaching? I don’t think that I would, but then we aren’t alike there probably. some of the kids that I have encountered at school I would like to knock their heads agaisnt a wall. Can’t do that I suppose, oh well, haha

  13. The job sounds wonderful and exciting.

    Interesting information about the canals and it makes perfect sense. That first view is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I am confused, I thought you had a teaching job this school year? I must have missed something along the way? Glad you are doing something you enjoy, but on the other hand I know what an awesome teacher you are….

  15. I’m doing the happy dance for you, Congratulations!!!The new job sounds great, I think they’re very lucky to have you. The first time I got a job where they paid me to be out and about I was thrilled beyond belief.
    Fun bridge posts, love the little lesson about canals and such, but I just wanna go get that shopping cart out of the water.
    Thanks for stopping by tonight, more on the new car tomorrow I hope.

  16. Ellen — thanks!

    Brig — for the first thirty days or 525 hours (whichever comes first) I work for the temp agency. If, after the 30 days my employers are satisfied with my work, they will offer me a permanent position with their firm (I have already been told my proposed starting salary and benefit package — in fact, they are providing the bebefis package after my first thirty days as a temp).

    Melli — my job was hard today and I was so nervous I made a STUPID mistake, but luckily nobody but me got upset about it. And that basket is magenta, not RED!

    VE — yep — there were actually three of them in there. I didn’t have very good shots of the other two.

    Brian — I am thinking I am going to like the job. I am NOT happy that OC is in SF. I miss him.

    Carver — so far I am liking my new job.

    Mary — the Hotel is the Royal Hawaiian. It is probably the classiest, most elegant hotel on the island.

    Carletta — I’m sitting SkyWatch out — I don’t have time for 70 visitors — the blog is a mess and I can’t do a thing with it ….

    JD — I’m thinking that the fish should have returned the cart to the grocery store when they were finished with it!

    Polona — we need to do a home swap …. uhm, you keep your boyfriend, I’ll keep mine.

    Leora — the shopping cart is your favorite?! I thought eerybody would think I was nuts for including it!

    Dr. John — you do understand that the term “swimming with the fishes” is not a good thing?

    Bill — thank you. I hope so. I didn’t start out to well today but I finished on a high note. My boss was surprised at how quickly I learn.

    Cricket — wow! You have chosen a lot of my stories! Thanks. Keep me posted on how it goes!

    Nea — I suspect I will miss teaching. I am still applying for my license. I think I’m just going to take a year off and repair my self-esteem.

    Minkydo — Hawaii has many breath-taking views.

    Stella — you’ve missed a post or two. I had a bit of trouble with my licensing and didn’t make the deadline for working this year. Hawaii only allows one years work without a valid license. I am starting over and reapplying, but I am taking some time to recover from the stress and frustration of last year.

    Shelly — thanks for the good wishes. Come on over and rescue that cart of you like — it has two buddies in their with it.

  17. Congratulations to your new job ! I am glad you like it ! it’s so important because you spend there the whole day ! Sounds interesting too !
    The first picture your view from the parking, is really the peak of bad taste ! How can they put such different styles together ! It happens here too and it always makes me angry, lol !
    Nice bridge though !

  18. Congratulations again on that job, it sounds perfect 🙂
    Love your bridges. It is interesting to know your streams have been paved to stop erosion!
    It’s sad to see how people have poor judgement regarding what a dumping place is or isn’t…and it happens all over the world. Nice bright color, though, it is an interesting shot

  19. I’m so happy for you, Quilly!
    You have some breathtaking views there, but that last picture makes me mad!! How people can do that, spoiling a piece of beautiful nature like that!

  20. Let’s see. Judging from the first photo, you’re probably on Kuhio Ave., looking down either Royal Hawaiian Ave. or Seaside Ave. Nice photo. Brings back memories to me.

    Hope you continue to enjoy your new job.

  21. I love both these posts. The work one – so pleased you found something you feel more settled at. I know what you mean (I think) about your previous job. I am in a similar position where I have so much I could say, but am bound by client confidentiality (which I totally respect – I would not want my personal health issues or otherwise to be blogged by my therapist!!!!) and also have to be careful because I am still in the middle of a grievance with my employer etc etc. So good on you for the new job.

    Love the canals too. Sad that people dump so much rubbish in the water. It is probably what makes the water so murky. I biggied the photos, but they don’t biggie by much. It’s a default on blogger I removed for mine. Not sure about this one.
    Also – never thought of land being so precious on an island! Hmmm. Food for thought. I live on an island, but it is a bit bigger. We see the coastline change and there is some fuss about it at the time, but it settles. Never thought about the little islands around me, like Isle of Man and Scottish Isles etc.

  22. Fabulous post, Quilly. Great photos, especially the top one of the bigger bridge. It makes me wonder how they could pave the streams… they’d have to stop the water flow in order to do that. Hmmm.

  23. Bark! People’s aren’t always very nice or smart, are they. They litter bad over here too and we dogs don’t like that. And then they complain ’bout our poops. HA!


  24. i shouldn’t, but i love the shopping cart one. it’s just so something. it says something about the lonely state of shopping carts. poor, poor shopping cart.

  25. oh also – you know i got a cross-stitch of the royal hawaiian. it is 95% finished. i just need to do that last bit of backstitching. i haven’t done one single solitary stitch since i started blogging. perhaps it doesn’t *really* need the backstitching….

  26. Love, how do you keep all that stuff in your head?

    Mar — people are lazy, selfish creatures.

    Jientje — that’s exactly how I felt when I saw the shopping carts.

    Bobbie — very good. I was between Kuhio and AliWai looking down Seaside. The parking garage is the old IMax Theater and I work in the building nextdoor.

    Cath, if I disable the WordPress “biggie” feature, you can’t biggie the photo at all. I think it biggies it to the size I downloaded though, so I may need to make my downloads bigger. I’ll give it a try.

    Alice — if this little stream boggles your mind on how it got paved, you’d REALLY have questions about the AliWai (I photographed it the other day and may post it this weekend.

    Reba — believe me, I’d have rather seen one of your poops by the canal than that cart in it. (Of course, I would have had to pay better attention to where I was walking in my flip-flops.

    Holly — A lot of folks liked that shopping cart photo! Here I was all upset and feeling violated about it’s being in the stream and you all are saying, “beautiful!” What’s up with that? AND — go do your backstitching you slacker you! (I have an unfinished pillow top about 5 years old. I couldn’t sew for quite some time after dislocating my thumb, and never picked it back up when I could.)

    SN — it is a huge step from teaching. I am betting none of the documents I have to copy and file will be calling me names or threatening to sue me — but they likely won’t make me laugh or warm my heart much, either.

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