Ryan, Ella, & Me at WordCamp

Ryan, Ella, and me — and many others — at WordCamp. “Making It Personal.”  Watch:


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One of my favorite things about this session was that Ryan and I had differing views and ideas. I was much more liberal. He was much more conservative. I think he made a nice balance for my Pollyanna tendencies.

4 thoughts on “Ryan, Ella, & Me at WordCamp

  1. Honestly — I caught very little of what either of you said… (but I admit I listened MUCH harder when YOU were speaking) … but the audio quality left much to be desired. I did hear you tell about Ella! (and my name was mentioned… I’m FAMOUS now too!) LOL! I did “gather” that you guys were differing — I heard his part about not responding to his commenters and just letting them hash it out…. but I think YOU get a much more personal relationship with your readers than he gets!

    I loved the little girl coming up to “meet Ella” at the end! And it gave her mom a chance to talk to you!

    Oh! I also noticed in the Q&A part of the program, that MOST of the questions were really directed at you! YOU ROCK!!!

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