Maybe Tomorrow

I want to write something profound, life changing, or mind-blowing.  I want to write something guaranteed to make you laugh and keep a smile on your face all day.  I want to enlighten and entertain.  Really, I want to.  But I’m going to bed.

Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime:

Scenes from PodCamp/WordCamp Hawaii 2008

The speaker (hidden from view) entered the room, put his brief case down and began digging through it.
Paparazzi gathered.
The look on his face when he glanced up and saw them would have been worth a photo,
but I missed it.

And here he is, speaking. Do you recognize him?

It’s Mr. WordPress himself!

Ryan, Ella, & Me at WordCamp

Ryan, Ella, and me — and many others — at WordCamp. “Making It Personal.”  Watch:


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One of my favorite things about this session was that Ryan and I had differing views and ideas. I was much more liberal. He was much more conservative. I think he made a nice balance for my Pollyanna tendencies.

Ella & I Are Conventional — Err, Conventioning!

I can’t seem to embed the dang thing on my site, but if you want to see the PodCasts of PodCamp and WordCamp Hawaii 2008, visit Ustream.

Ella, Ryan and I will be speaking in the theater at 3:45 today. Our session is titled, “Making Personal Connections.” Ella and I will be attending the entire conference and since my laptop is no longer mobile, I won’t be blogging — but we’re taking the camera!

AND, immediately after I finish speaking, OC and I are jetting out to his concert performance! We have a busy Friday planned. I hope you can join us for part of it.