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  1. I just have seen a sky vast enough for this..

    at Andrew’s– i was there and came from you said, his sky looks too bland

    shall we let this egret fly there? 🙂

    of course, without regrets 🙂


  2. Devika — I did not say his sky was too bland! (But that is what I meant!) Welcome. I’ve seen you around, too, and I’ll be by in a bit to visit.

    Kila — HEy! You used to be in my feed reader. Where’d you disappear to? He’s real and I wish he weren’t against that white building and I am certain he bleaches.

    Carletta — he is real and I was astounded. He was at the McDonald’s drive through window. I don’t know what he ordered, but they seemed to be taking their own sweet time getting it to him — which was fine with me because I snapped some pics. Only thing is, I was so exited I forgot to adjust my camera and only got one decent photo from the lot — and this had to be a gift from God because I was shooting on slow speed with dim light settings!

  3. Quilly, I for one am glad you shot the Egret, and I am so happy that you have no regrets in this area, haha.

    Years ago now, I did a lot of ceramics, and I made a beautiful set of 3 egrets in 3 sizes. Then for awhile I had to move back home to Mom & Dad’s, and the egrets were given a home on the china cabinet. Then, one day my nephew Denny was visiting and got playing with a ball in the house, I told him to stop before something got broken. He didn’t stop and I’m sure you see where this is going… yup, as he still sometimes laughingly reminisces, “ping, ping, ping” off went all 3 heads. I still don’t see the humor, and he still doesn’t see anything but humor in having broken my egrets. He killed 3 egrets and never had any regrets.

  4. That’s amazing ! what a beautiful bird !! and just outside a “vulgar” McDonald ?? We don’t have such “posh” birds in our McDo’s driveway, lol !

  5. I never for a second thought he wasn’t real… and I knew in a second it was a gift from God! I DIDN’T know you were using all the wrong settings! LOL! That is just a perfect picture!!!

  6. wow, you sure know how to make me envious!
    great stuff!
    there’s no chance at all an egret (which i hardly ever see) or a heron would let a human being within, say, 50 metres here except in a zoo

  7. Shelly — thanks! I was so excited I almost didn’t get the photos!

    Alice — He sounds like a spoiled, self-centered child who has grown into a spoiled self-centered adult.

    Gattina — usually our McD isn’t that classy, either!

    David — I guess I should post the other, blurry shots from my trembling, shaking camera (I was too excited).

    Moannie — see my comment to David.

    Hostage — I’ve tried picturing one of these birds for months. That one just sat there and looked at me.

    Carol — yes, his posture is bad!

    Sandi — I wondered if someone would throw that line in.

    Silver — he was curious and wondering if I might have French Fries.

    Melli — thanks for recognizing where the credit really belongs. I am still feeling amazed and blessed.

    Maggie — thanks.

    Lee — thank you.

    Amber — thanks.

    Cath — Thanks. That’s two bird shots I’m proud of.

    Polona — here the birds are much more willing to let folks close.

    Ian — thank you.

    Mar — it’s been raining here for days so he’s had plenty of opportunity to bathe. Besides, aside from the doves I’ve never noticed many dirty birds on this island.

  8. Wonderful picture, thank you for sharing. Just one question, did the Egret have a Death Wish stopping by a “Rotten Ronnies”.

  9. Wonderful closeup, lucky and talented you!
    This is my first visit here via another photographer’s blog.
    I noticed in your side bar that humor feeds you (as if that isn’t evident in this post! :). I’m happy to have found a new blog with the combination of the two!

    On to browsing more posts here.

  10. Bill — I wondered what was in the burgers that would draw a bug loving bird’s interest ….

    Jill — he was giving me an, “Are you going to eat those fries” look.

    Whodatdare — thank you.

    Lmarie — thanks you. Look all you want!

    Dr. John — I took more. They just didn’t ome out well.

    Jientje — pure luck.

    Gel — welcome. Read to your heart’s content. Come back often!

  11. I had to come over and see what bird it was that you had here, and what a bird he is. Just so you know, I have no r”egrets” about rushing over, other than that I am slightly out of breath…

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