Maybe Tomorrow

I want to write something profound, life changing, or mind-blowing.  I want to write something guaranteed to make you laugh and keep a smile on your face all day.  I want to enlighten and entertain.  Really, I want to.  But I’m going to bed.

Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime:

Scenes from PodCamp/WordCamp Hawaii 2008

The speaker (hidden from view) entered the room, put his brief case down and began digging through it.
Paparazzi gathered.
The look on his face when he glanced up and saw them would have been worth a photo,
but I missed it.

And here he is, speaking. Do you recognize him?

It’s Mr. WordPress himself!

12 thoughts on “Maybe Tomorrow

  1. ROFL! Darn! I knew it! It was right on the tip of my tongue! But OF COURSE! Who ELSE could it be!?

    … criminy.
    … I don’t even recognize Bill Gates when I see him…
    … how in the world am I supposed to recognize Mr. WordPress???… I’m a BLOGGER! Show me Mr. Google!

  2. What did you learn??? What an opportunity to attend a conference with Mr. WordPress. Heck that would be like attending a bash with Mr. Blogger….or Ms. Blogger.

    I do think it is very cool that you had that opportunity, though.

  3. Since the comments are up here I forgot the “winter scene” was on this same post. I say “HA” I wish we had some 70s temps. 🙂 Our cold front came through last night and it is 47 this morning, but will warm up. The rain/storms didn’t happen here, so greenhouse is ok, just a little wet from the sprinkle.

  4. Melli — well, if you had a WordPress blog, like the majority of the world, including our National Defense services, you’d know who he is because you’d get monthly newsletters with his avatar on them!

    Amber — Matt gave a, State of The Word Address, and told us much about the future of WordPress and a little about it’s past. He was very humble about his role in making WordPress what it is today. From the other conference atendees I learned a lot, and some of what I learned will be unveiled right here come January 1st. Stay tuned!

    Amber — guess what? The winter post isn’t with this one. This template makes it a bit hard to tell where one post starts and another stops since the title is on the left and so is the associated paraphernalia (tags, comment button, etc.).

    One way to tell if the posts are attached or not is to see if they appear on the page together when the comment box is open. However, no harm done, I got the comment. That’s what matters.

  5. Quilly… I really WISH you HAD been here to help me watch leaves fall yesterday! It is a very hard job but SOMEbody has to do it! I didn’t see ANYONE else volunteering for it – so you know… being me, I just jumped up and put myself out there! It would have been GREAT if you had been there though! I’m sure you were twittering YOUR day away at… WORK … or something!

  6. i’ll be coming again to read this…

    i too like to approach life with humour..
    but thoughts weigh me down…

    seen you many a time at Polona’s and Andrew’s

    wishes, quilly

  7. Juliana — well, he started WordPress and of the 4 different blogging platforms I’ve used, it is the one I like best. However, when called “Mr. WordPress,” Matt was quick to point out that if he really were all there was to WordPress, and if he didn’t have a bunch of incredible and talented people working with him, we never would have heard of him or WordPress. He really was quite modest — and quite startled to be the focus of so much intense interest.

    Melli — sigh. Somebody has to pay my bills. Since they have my name on them, guess who that somebody is?

    Dr. John — I don’t believe there is A Mr. Google. Google is a conglomerate of computer servers and webcrawlers. There is no humanity behind the machine. (My apologies to Diesel on the extremely unlikely chance that this will be the one post he decides to read this year.)

    Pauline — I used to sing that to my students!

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