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  1. Looks like she got her feathers ruffled pretty good. 🙂

    Didn’t have much computer time yesterday and missed punny monday….so,is it chilly there or was that just a generic pun? Cool presentation though.

    We had tremendous storms last night with tornado warnings/watches until 2am. Lots and lots of rain and we needed it, but not the scary storms so much.

  2. I love the title!! Had a little bit of catching up to do here,because I had my parents over for the weekend! No blogging, just planned posts but now my reader is exploding!
    I love to read the Punny Monday results! I don’t think I can ever come up with witty stuff like the most of your readers do! Some sense of humour!

  3. Cath — apparently OC since he came up with the title.

    Gattina — so do I!

    Melli — so do I!

    Amber — it is windy and wet here, but not chilly. The temps have yet to hit the low 7o’s.

    Jientje — OC and I do Punny Monday together. It is joint brain effort to compose, and then we expect one person to guess ….

    Carletta — thank you — from both of us.

    Dr. John — OC and I make a good team.

  4. Andrew — the temperature dropped to a chilling 74 degrees Fahrenheit here last night. I may just have to get out my coat and mittens soon. Not.

  5. Alice — thank you! I took the photo, OC came up with the name.

    IBHH — I’m sorry, but I am not ready to part with my wit, known to one-and-all as O’Ceallaigh, and I don’t expect I will be for quite sometime to come.

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