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Rocket Science 101

My job is data entry and filing — mostly 1, 2, 3, and A, B, C stuff.  Nothing too complicated, but even so, I am about the 5th person in the job in as many months.  The others couldn’t seem to keep their Ps and their Qs — or any other letters of the alphabet — in logical order.

Today I was looking for a file — this is one of the major time wasters on my job, looking for something that should be easy to find but for some reason isn’t where a practical, thinking person would have left it — and I came across yet another file out of place.  (After a couple months on the job this is happening less and less frequently.)

I found a payment receipt for Aloha Flowers & Leis filed in the D drawer.  At first this made no sense, but after a second glance it all became clear:

Of course it was in the D file drawer.
The order was for Dendrobium Leis.


  1. I guess that makes sense to some… but isn’t the way I would choose to file it… sigh. Maybe I’m just ‘dull’ cuz I would file it under Flowers. Maybe I need to get more exciting… do you think it would help if I got Leid? hahaha.

  2. O-kaaaaay.
    I’m with Alice. And David. I would never have thought it was under a D. I mean, that is only logical if you know the proper names of all the flowers yes?

    Lovely lei though. Glad you are getting some order in your filing system! (Everyone files a different way I guess).

  3. alrighty then…that is some sort of logic. Maybe I could get a job doing that. The one I left was like the one you’re doing now when I started there. It was is great order when I left. But wait…I don’t want to go back to work. I love sleeping in and staying up late. 😉

  4. Almost every job has days like this. I am sure once you’ve been there for awhile everything will return to normal and everything will be in it’s proper place.

  5. My daughter does data entry too and she’s constantly calling me saying ‘I don’t know about these people I work with.’
    I love this lei. My Hubs brought me a pale pink one home from one of his trips to Pearl Harbor. Lovely and very aromatic!
    Nice shot.

  6. Mar — and when the boss asked for the Aloha Lei’s receipt you would have said what? “Excuse me sir, can you tell me what the order was or I won’t know where I filed it?”

    Jientje — you realize of course that you just said there is logic in the illogical?

    David — in the case of my predecessor, they ALL should have been in D then!

    Alice — filing it under “Flowers” would still get you fired — whether or not you’d been leid.

    Cath — you’re right, there is NO logic in filing it in D. A few weeks from now are you going to remember what the order was? Aside from that, this order was for Dendrobium Orchids and the next order is for Plumeria and the order after that is for Maile Leis. You are going to have Aloha Flowers & Lei invoices spread willy-Nilly through your file cabinet!

    Melli — the replies to this post are frightening me!

    Amber — wish I could retire!

    Juliana — I’m not certain I would have let these people live if I had to work with them!

    Bill — I am not complaining. I am being amazed.

    Dr. John — I bet things got lost a lot less often after you got a secretary.

    Carletta — I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised since every year I’d get at least one fifth grader who didn’t know the alphabet yet. Oh — and the photo isn’t mine. It is linked back to it’s owner’s site.

    IBHH — indeed.

    Andrew — like a spent bulb!

  7. Wow that is a nifty and different way to file things. Using the alphabetical system is just so boring and hum drum. giggle giggle

  8. The cool thing is that you figured it out, but’re the Punny Monday lady and I’m the lady that can never come up with the answers to those.

  9. Now it all falls into place. I totally understand why you have a drought in the anecdotes department. Data-entry isn’t exactly mentally stimulating.

  10. Gorgeous photo… I’m enjoying reading your work stories too. Love the office grouch. This one reminded me of a woman I worked with who literally drove me to the edge of madness most days. She thought of herself as a great filer, but finding anything in her system required divine intervention. I ended up at some point having to reorganize the hellish mess she had created. Good thing I’m relatively mild mannered and have a sense of humor….

    I love your photos. This and the egrets below are gorgeous.

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