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Raven’s Wordzzle #41

It’s Saturday, time again for Raven’s Wordzzle!  Every week Raven gifts us with a bevy of wonderful words, and challenges us to use them in a cohesive story or two.  She offers The Ten Word Challenge, The Mini-Challenge, and The Vanity Challenge.  Do one, do them all, do them separately, do them together … just do them!  Then hurry over to Raven’s and put your name in Mr. Linky and visit the other players.  You can pick up this week’s words — and next week’s words — every Friday afternoon at, Views From Raven’s Nest.

Wordzzle #41

Starlet Deserts Filming For Tractor Pull

Hollywood Topography, staff reporter

Belle Lovely, the gorgeous star of, The Flagrant Clarinet, Posthumous Blue Jeans, and Other Civil War Atrocities: The Mini-Series, is suffering from exhaustion. Doctors say her rigorous seven days a week filming schedule is to blame. Pyramid Studios denies the rumor that their beautiful star is absent without leave, but the janitor claims she ran off so fast she left her phone off the hook, a plate of cheese and crackers on her desk, and a cup of tea in the microwave.

“The exhaustion story is false,” says photographer, P. Lane Evangelical. “Her incapacitation is an obvious sugar-coated masquerade and my camera can prove it! Belle Lovely deserted the set to attend the Red-Line Thermometer tractor pull. Look at this photo!”  Evangelical offered as proof a photo of Belle Lovely beside her cuddle-daddy, Tiger Velvet, jumping up and down and cheering for number 47, Obsolete Novelty.”

Readers may remember Tiger Velvet was the mellifluous lead singer and xylophone player for the now defunct band, Timeless Perfection. Velvet walked out of his contract with Sandalwood Records because of “creative differences.” This reporter hopes he’s not giving lovely Belle Lovely similar ideas.


  1. Baby Lily is visiting and I’m not computing much but I’m glad I got by tonight to see this – what a great piece of clever work!
    Well done!

  2. Akelamalu — I did a lot of cheating on this one, but I wanted to play and was pressed for time. I’m glad you liked it.

    Juliana — actually, at the age of 18 I went off to college to become a journalist — but when I was sent to expose someone’s personal life in a way that would just increase the pain, anger & controversy surrounding him, I quit. I do not believe the public has the right or the need to know every detail of someone’s downfall. Most newspapers have lowered themselves to the status of gossip rags.

    Betty — thank you.

    Melli — OC labeled it “silly!” Glad you liked it.

    Raven — clever in a lazy sort of way. Still, I enjoyed writing it. Thanks.

    Dr. John — could you talk to OC about the right way to compliment because HE told me this story is SILLY. I much prefer CLEVER. Thank you.

    Carletta — thanks for stopping in and using precious time you could be spending with your grandLily! I’m glad you enjoyed the story.

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