Black Friday

I refuse to participate.  Christmas has gotten too commercial.  Whatever gifts I give this year will be modest and thoughtful.  For me Christmas is about the gift God gave the world.  One can’t buy that at the Mall.

OC is also sharing his thoughts on Christmas consumerism.  If you want a good laugh, visit: O’Ceallaigh & The Quill.  Take your ukelele, there will be singing, A Song for Black Friday.

8 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. Nope. You sure can’t. I dont’ DO Black Friday either. God bless my Dennis — I accidentally said this morning (we had the day to ourselves) that we should run down to Walmart and get Luz’s car. (I need his truck to get it)… He looked at me and he said “Honey… I will DO this if you want to… but are you SURE you wanna do it on BLACK FRIDAY?” — LOL! I had forgotten ALL ABOUT it being Black Friday! Needless to say – we went out to lunch at Green Turtle – but that’s as close to a store as we got! NO WAY! I will go sing with you now. I need a good song!

  2. Doug — I got you the same thing this year as I gave you last year.

    Melli — similar thing happened at my house. OC said he had to work on Friday, I told him I was going to go shopping, pick up the groceries and a new pair of shoes. He said, “You really must need them bad to be going out on Black Friday!” I said, “Never mind, I’ll stay home!”

    Shelly — if you made it to OC’s, why didn’t you comment?

    Juliana — I don’t like shopping when it isn’t mobbed. Wait, when isn’t it mobbed? The mobs are why I don’t like shopping!

  3. I Pray of the Christmas of Old before it Got so Commercial. Oh to be able to wave a Magic Wand and restore Christmas to how it should be.

    I got to admit driving my bus tonight in the Suburbs and seeing all the Christmas Lights kind of got me in the Spirit of Christmas.

  4. My sister-in-law mentioned (to me) that she didn’t know what to get me for Christmas. A) I believe that whatever you are given should be received with gratitude, and Christmas isn’t a shopping list for all the stuff you don’t want to buy yourself. B) The only things I want this year can’t be bought and sold (read my blog).

    However, I did some of my Christmas shopping on Black Friday, early in the morning. I’m glad I did. I had a nice conversation with the people in line beside me. One woman mentioned wanting a mixer, and a gentleman handed her one of his. cashier high-fived me, and another told me that I was “lovely”. I had been worrying that people forgot how to be civilized, but they proved me wrong. And I really needed that right about now.

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