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Friday Fright & Other Ramblings

Friday morning I woke with a swollen eye.  No, the skin around my eye wasn’t swollen, the eyeball itself had a large lump on it just to the outside of my iris.  When I shut my eye, the white — except it was a blood-shot, milky yellow — still showed.  I freaked and called OC at work.

OC insisted I needed to be calling the doctor and not him.  At the time I was already flipping through my paperwork — just got insurance through my new job — looking for the number to dial.  I wanted support, not scolding, but he scolded.

I called the doctor’s office and talked symptoms with the nurse practitioner.  Since I was in no pain, she decided I could see the doc instead of going straight to emergency, and signed me up for a 1:30 appointment. She also okayed me taking my allergy meds.  I took the meds then called OC and told him about the appointment.  Then I went back to bed and slept more.  When I woke the swelling was much less, but I showered and prepared to see the doc.

I picked OC up from work and we went to the doctor’s office, where it was decided that I had a rather severe environmental allergy to something that really tweaks-off my eyes.  I am now taking Loratadine dissolve-in-the-mouth tablets and Zaditor eye drops.  I no longer have the urge to take my eyes out and soak them in a glass of fresh water, so they must be working.

OC went to my appointment with me and came in and asked all the proper questions on the care and feeding of his Quilly — which was more than enough to assure his forgiveness for the lecture.

Guess what I learned while at the Doctor’s Office?  Those “Get the Red Out” eye drops have vaso constrictors in them, and they limit the amount of blood and oxygen that gets to your eyes — just what one doesn’t want when dealing with an allergy.  Plus, they should never be used for extended periods of time.  Oops!  I had been using one for a couple of weeks!  Doc prescribed the new meds (described above).

That new meds stuff meant that I had to go to the drug store on Black Friday.  I went in, got what I wanted — no easy task given the number of people in the store — and stood in line for about an hour while the lady in front of me hemmed and hawed over the things she put in her basket. “Oh, I don’t want this after all.  Yes, I do.  No!  Wait!  Don’t ring it up.  I don’t think I want this either, but you know, I will take that — except don’t ring it up yet either.  First, how much is this?  I saw the sign but I don’t remember …..  Did you ring that up?  Well, take it back out.  I’ve decided that I don’t like the color.” And so on ….

The one thing you don’t want to be at the drug store, is sick and in need of drugs.  And — because it was Black Friday — OC opted out of going to the store with me and asked to be returned to work via the bicycle shop.  Hey, maybe I am still mad at him!

Oh, wait — he bought me my new novel today — in hard back! — took me out to dinner, and replaced our faulty wifi modem so I could blog.  Isn’t he wonderful?


  1. Did he knOw you were bi-polar when he invited you to live with him? LOL! I’m so glad you got to the docs and that the right questions were asked and that you got good working medicine… even if you DID have to go through hell to get it! Ya know… we used to HAVE a little Pharmacy — it was called The Pharmacy – and it did NOTHING BUT be a pharmacy! It was off by itself in private little office building far far away from ANY store. It had a small but never crowded parking lot. And it had survived in this county for at least 50 years. I loooooved that place! ALL my families perscriptions were there. But then Walmart came to town, and suddenly The Pharmacy went out of business. I hate that.

  2. I’m glad your eye episode was easily fixed and you are doing better. Sorry you had to go through it though and then again happy you had OC to share in your discomfort and time of ill health. I miss my mate, no matter how irritating I found him at times!!! XOXOXO to you both.

  3. Again, I’m so sorry to hear about your illness. Your story made me chuckle a bit because I’m like OC, scolding when I should be supporting and supportive. I’ll try to be more supportive of those around me next time; it’s just too easy to fall into lecture mode, I guess.

  4. Glad you are feeling better and the eye is on the road to recovery. You had courage to stand in line and let the one in front of you ramble on. If I was in your condition I don’t know if I’d could have been as diplomatic as you.


  5. So you are allergic to something in paradise.And I thought the place was without fault. Now the snow doesn’t look so bad. Who am I kidding the snow still looks like snow.

  6. He is wonderful, but we all knew that already and he actually blogged something the other day that I must read. Anyway, I’m very glad your eye is on the mend. That set of symptoms would have had me totally freaked out! That is really something to have a lump on your eye. Agg…and uggg and omgoodgah.

    My eye doc told me about the get the red out drops a couple of years ago. I have chronic red eye and that Alaway and the one you are using (same ingredients) are good. Don’t work as fast, but are great after using them for a while.

    I remember once I woke with a really red eye like someone had popped me one. Nobody had. All day long I had to explain that it didn’t hurt, I had no idea what had happened, and that I was positive that nobody had hit me. I was around a bunch of social worker wannabes. Aie aie aie.

  7. Geez, I almost cried when I read your post, having something in the eyes is awful ! I can’t even put drops in there myself ! I am back to grey cold weather and am a little upside down, I think it takes a few days until I get used to dress myself like for an expedition to the north pole !

  8. I hope by now your eye is doing much better (fine, in fact)… Sounds like you have a good man there even if he has his lapses.

  9. Quilly, I am so glad it is an allergy and not an infection. That would have been horrid.
    My guy can be the same….it is so hard for them to understand when we just need an understanding ear. They don’t even need ot say anything really…just listen.
    “brownie points” to OC for doing all of those special things for you.

  10. Jientje — I adore him most when he’s lost and bewildered and confused as to what he did wrong. That means I love him a lot! LOL!

    Melli — so far this is my favorite comment of the week! Your opening line cracked me up. Poor OC!

    SN — I was too scared to flip out. Scared makes me really calm. I flip out after the crisis (or perceived crisis) has passed.

    Caryl — OC is a comfort even when he’s lecturing, and I can always count on him to do what he thinks is best for me. I still miss your mate, too. He was special.

    Exbor — I hope you don’t have to hear about any more of my illnesses any time soon! AND, men in general tend to scold when they should comfort. It must be genetic.

    Bill — I thought many nasty and cutting remarks, but I am proud to say I kept them all to myself so I had nothing to regret later.

    Dr. John — ellipses and the question mark in my header are there for a reason!

    Amber — I told one of my co-workers (S from the Birthday post) that I whenever someone exclaimed, “What happened to your eye!?” I was going to tell them she hit me!

    Andrew — then he loves me a good sized library full! Not only that, they’re novels, not reference books! It boggles the mind.

    Betty — doc said the medicine could take up to two weeks to really work! I hope it comes down to tolerable soon! I have already missed a days worth of hours at work.

    Carletta — I know.

    Brooke — the eye is slowly mending. The swelling is gone. Most of the yellow sludge is gone. It is still a bit red and a bit tender and a lot itchy, but there is improvement.

    David — I always hurrah my man!

    Gattina — I can see from the photos why you didn’t want to come home to cold! Egypt looked gorgeous!

    Raven — my man is pretty well outstanding, I think. Of course, I may be prejudiced.

    Jules — OC doesn’t always say the right thing, but he almost always does exactly the right thing!

  11. I sure am glad your eye was nothing really serious, and that it’s on the mend with these meds you’re on. And OC sounds pretty darn good to me.

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