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  1. Hi there Quilly, sorry work did you in today. Sometimes those Mondays really slap us in the face. yuck!
    You had mentioned to me you were starting an online bible study. Where (link) are you doing it and what are the expectations?

    Have you ever seen this site before or the books it talks about? My mom sent it to me tonight and we had a good laugh. Made me think of OC and how he plays with the pidgeon talk.

  2. I feel for you. Take it easy. I’m having headaches now that I have my computer back. Unfortunately the settings apparently are screwed up so all my pages are messed up. My son is supposed to come by to see if he can fix it. I’m going nuts cause nothing is the way I had it. Grrrr.

  3. Jules — I emailed you the link. In a bit I hope to get around to putting it in the side bar, which Melli has already done at her place.

    Melli — I hope eye feel better soon! 🙂

    Mar — thanks.

    Juliana — the rest HAS to wait since I can’t seem to stay awake!

    Lisa — thanks.

    Doug — how generous of you! Pft!

    Jill — you and that computer have your issues! Why can’t you just play nice together?

    Dr. John — you should feel dumb for thinking you need to be smarter than your wife!

    Holly — I’ll sign that petition!

  4. You really are having an UGH! of a time.
    Rest as much as you can, and let OC baby you. I think he’s good at pampering you because he loves you so much.
    Get ALL well soon.

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