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  1. Hi Quilly,
    Sorry to hear you haven’t been back up to speed yet. Although your co-worker seems to think you are mending well. 🙂

    Take care.

  2. Lisa — I have a headache and my left cheek hurts, too. I am certain it is all related. As to Ms. Witty, A-O-K is one of her standard phrases. As soon as she said it we both paused in surprise then cracked up giggling.

    Bill — I think you’re a sweet-talker! Why hasn’t that glib tongue caught you a girl?

    Amber — I am on the mend.

    Carletta — I’m getting there! Better by the hour!

  3. You goofball! LOL! I’ve been so busy with the Bible board this morning/afternoon that I haven’t even gotten around to my blogging! Sheeeeeeesh! It’s been an unexpectedly busy day in MANY ways today!

  4. Shelly 🙂

    Jientje — yes, and I am also well!

    Juliana — I NEVER mind my p’s & q’s!

    Melli — that’s what happened to me yesterday!

    Ian — thanks.

    Alastair — I am doing just fine. The Mock ORange hedges around my place are in bloom, the air has a fine perfume, and I am not trying to gouge my eyes out to keep them from itching! Yay!

    Dr. John — fancy that. Doc said I would live. Seems she was right!

    Holly. NEVER! And you can’t make me! Pft.

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