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It’s The Little Things

Home from work at 4:00 o’clock after a horrid stressful day.  I just about snap OC’s head off when he gives me guidance on parking the car (preferably not in the washing machine with which it shares the patio).  I am trying to hurry because he said on the phone it might be nice to walk down to the beach for a swim, but I tell him I haven’t had lunch, am starving, and need a snack.

And suddenly all the speed comes to a screetching halt when he opens the cupboard, grabs a frying pan, and starts building me a toasted cheese with ham sandwich.  My bad mood evaporated just at the thought that he’d want to.  I said, “I’ll just grab a handful of crackers.”  He said, “You’ll sit down and eat.”

Dang.  It’s really nice to be loved.


  1. David — feeding a hungry bear is never wrong, unless of course you are the main dish!

    Melli — yes. We didn’t swim but we had a lovely walk, fed the ducks and took lots of pics.

    Karen — I haven’t been by your place in ages, either! Thanks for the compliment on my new “Do.” I’m fixin’ to change my name again!

    Gattina — huh?

  2. My fiancee comes home with days like that all the time. How fortunate you have OC to make such a kind gesture to melt your heart at the right moment.

    Next time, I’m going to try to be like him, instead of reacting to her frustration and then making the whole situation worse.

  3. you DON’T want me to come to hawaii.
    i might just want to steal your man.
    although i suspect he would have his say on the matter as well

  4. I read down the blog quite a ways since I had been gone for so long, to catch up on your comings and goings…….so are you better.

    My problem with reading, and then trying to comment, things go in my head, there is nothing there to keep them there, so they go right out the other side as soon as I am done reading. Part of my condition is mental retention. And there isn’t anything I can do about it. I am finding I am lately having trouble remembering where the typewriter keys are located. I have been a touch typist at about 100 wpm for years, and now…..I stop in midair, and go, now WHERE is that key… is the pitts. going to ruin my typing for sure…

    So where did you put the pictures of your trip to the beach. I am confused as to which blog is the one you actually use, but this one had a dec date, so figured this was it….

  5. I am so happy for you that you have OC loving you and taking such good care of you, Quilly. You deserve good care. I hope you are feeling much better real soon. I’ve been going through nasty days too lately, but am feeling some better after a Chiropractor treatment, and will go for another on Monday which should have me even better.

    I want an OC too…. I’d like that for my Christmas gift this year. LOL.

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