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Tis The Season

Concerts.  Many of them.

Two Saturday.  One Sunday & a rehearsal.  One Monday night, one Tuesday night, one Wednesday night, Thursday Night Rehearsal, Friday — nothing — somebody must have screwed up!  Saturday Concert, Sunday Church performance AND concert …..

Okay, OC is the trumpet player and he does all the musicing, but I am telling you now, this schedule (plus work and day-to-day life) will exhaust me!

For today’s concert, OC put his trumpet down for just a bit and regaled us with song.  Sorry, no sound, but here’s a photo …..


  1. I’m tellin’ you if my man had musical talent I would follow him anywhere it took him – JOYfully! I bet he was WONDERFUL! And the concerts are too… I DO wish I could hear him.

  2. Not only does he cook for you, but he can sing too! You’re one lucky lady Quilly! (By the way, my hubbs does neither, but I’ll keep him anyway!)

  3. a busy week, eh! mine will be, too. and i’ll be glad when it’s over cos, hopefully, i won’t have to go to any more parties (other than the family gathering) this year. pft to parties!

  4. It is that time of year when musicians are truly loved and respected for their ability. I’m just so glad yours is so good to you and makes you sandwiches and all. Mine does, too. 🙂

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