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  1. now i want a bowl of lettuce…

    (see what you did? and this is an awful lot of posting for a very busy girl… not that i’m complaining 😉 )

  2. Oh wow! You excellent gardener you! You musta really planted it quick – and watered it well! How long you been livin’ there now??? 😉 What kinda dressing ya gonna put on it?

  3. Beautiful, Quilly. There is nothing so nice as what we grow our selves. The veg from the garden is so fresh and tasty compared to what we buy in stores.

    I at one time raised some pigs, and had my own chickens at the time too. The pork was nothing at all like what you buy in the stores, it was totally wonderful and full of flavor!! The eggs too were so superior, and now that I no longer have my chickens, I can’t eat eggs unless I buy them from a farm, or organic. The ‘normal’ eggs in the super markets are tasteless rubber and I find them uneatable.

    Enjoy your nice fresh lettuce!!

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