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Re-Tired (Tired-Out, Part Two)

Well, it’s like this …. the studs holding the tires on my car weren’t stripped.  Apparently the real studs were inside these little metal jackets.  The jackets were spinning, but the studs and bolts underneath were just fine.

Okay, I offically feel stupid, but as I pointed out to the tow truck driver who came to take my car to the shop this morning — but didn’t — it wasn’t my job to know about those jackets.  You see, it was one of his coworkers that, after twirling those jackets, convinced us that our studs had been stripped.  We believed him, he was the pro, right?

Actually, he’s brand new at driving a tow truck and we were one of his very first solo runs.  The guy who showed up this morning though had 30 years in the business.  He said, “Let me take a look.”

So, three of our tires were just fine.  One had loose lug nuts, but the studs weren’t stripped, they just hadn’t been tightened down.  That’s the one that was making all the banging noise.  Issac From Haleiwa Towing had the car road safe and rolling in under 20 minutes.

I still haven’t called the garage.  By the time I got to work I was 3 hours late and had a pile of stuff wanting my attention. I dove in to the pile and didn’t come up for air until quitting time.

So we had a bit more drama than was warranted.


If you liked my version of this story, you might enjoy OC’s:  Stripped! Or, well, maybe not ….


  1. Sometimes it’s better a bit more drama…when your security is involved, for example…

    Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!

  2. Oh well that’s better! MUCH better! I think I would still let the tire changers know … but I might be a little nicer than I was feeling yesterday about it! LOL! OC can talk to them – with 1/2 an attitude!

  3. EeeGads, what a mess. Glad driver number two was able to get it taken care of.

    Curious as to how the conversation with the installers will go. Hopefully they are stand up guys and make amends for the trouble.

  4. ROFL. It’s always easy for others to laugh, isn’t it. I am happy for you that it turned out not so bad as you originally thought. However, I still think you should call the garage and let them know. That could have been dangerous to have a loose wheel like that, and they should at least know about it.

  5. I read OC’s first – can’t remember if I commented there or not. Glad it was not as bad in the end. Although it put you to a whole lotta stress for some one diagnosing wrongly! Never mind. As long as it is ok.

  6. I had this happen with my bus one day last year. The wheel almost fell off. It happened to some other drivers as well and RGRTA decided that it’s not possible to tighten lugs by hand so now we have “lug markers” on all outside tires. They are bright neon green and if even one is out of line you don’t take the bus out.
    Hope you have a great Christmas!

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