An Afternoon in Haleiwa

Amoeba and I went to Haleiwa again today. He collected seaweed. I waded in the water and snapped a few photographs.

It was a beautiful day for visiting the beach.

Tropical Sky

Apparently these snails thought so too because they held a convention.

snail conference

The black snails, not wanting to be outdone, held an even bigger convention.

black snails

This little moth came out to sun himself. He’s so small and so well camouflaged here that had he not fluttered his wings at just the right moment, I might have passed by without noticing him.


Even this little green inch worm knew it was a great day to go to the beach.

inch worm

This Gulf Fritillary Butterfly decided to stop on his way to the beach and smell the flowers.


While his cousin chose to hang out in the She-Oak Tree before flying off to see the sea.

Admiral 2

These little Wax Bills came to the beach to picnic on grass seeds.


And a couple of sea turtles came in near shore to feast on grassalaria, a favored seaweed.

sea turtle

And I waited, waited, waited patiently for one of them to come up for a breath of air.

up for air

It was a great day for visiting the beach. You’re probably the only one who wasn’t there!


Whew!  It has been a long time since I was here last.  I bet you want to know what I’ve been up to.  Well, for awhile I was down.  I just couldn’t look at the computer screen without my eyes and head screaming in protest.  Since I was also blowing my nose and feeling icky in general, I thought I was coming down with a cold, but OC says it was probably just another bout of allergies, since I wasn’t exhibiting other cold symptoms.  For those couple of days I mostly slept and felt sorry for myself.

Then Saturday came and the scientist —

— said he was going to Haleiwa to look at alga (seaweed) and did I want to come along? Okay, I know that doesn’t sound very exciting to you but let me translate — OC was asking if I wanted to ride with him to the other side of the island and spend the morning beachcombing, and — if the water was clean despite the recent storms — maybe even do some swimming. My answer, of course, was YES!

Haleiwa Photo Slide Show
For some reason this won’t load on my blog.

We returned to the same place we went last time, which isn’t really a swimming spot, but I think you’ll agree that it’s beautiful.  By the time OC finished collecting and examining seaweed, the storm that had been forcasted was coming over the mountain and it was time to leave.

*   *   *

A Hawaiian Language Lesson for Melli and Other Interested Readers: As I have said before, the syllable break on a Hawaiian word is at the vowel.  If there are several vowels in a row, each is it’s own syllable.  So Haleiwa is Ha-le-i-wa.  The Next thing you need to know is that the Hawaiian alphabet doesn’t have the “W” sound in it.  All Ws should be pronounced with a “V” sound — including Havaii!  So, in parts: Ha (like the laugh); Lay; E (like the letter name); Vuh. Four Syllables:  Ha Lay E Va.  Ha Lay E Va.  Ha Lay E Va.  Now, if you’ve got that down, try saying it with the actual word:  Haleiwa.

Re-Tired (Tired-Out, Part Two)

Well, it’s like this …. the studs holding the tires on my car weren’t stripped.  Apparently the real studs were inside these little metal jackets.  The jackets were spinning, but the studs and bolts underneath were just fine.

Okay, I offically feel stupid, but as I pointed out to the tow truck driver who came to take my car to the shop this morning — but didn’t — it wasn’t my job to know about those jackets.  You see, it was one of his coworkers that, after twirling those jackets, convinced us that our studs had been stripped.  We believed him, he was the pro, right?

Actually, he’s brand new at driving a tow truck and we were one of his very first solo runs.  The guy who showed up this morning though had 30 years in the business.  He said, “Let me take a look.”

So, three of our tires were just fine.  One had loose lug nuts, but the studs weren’t stripped, they just hadn’t been tightened down.  That’s the one that was making all the banging noise.  Issac From Haleiwa Towing had the car road safe and rolling in under 20 minutes.

I still haven’t called the garage.  By the time I got to work I was 3 hours late and had a pile of stuff wanting my attention. I dove in to the pile and didn’t come up for air until quitting time.

So we had a bit more drama than was warranted.


If you liked my version of this story, you might enjoy OC’s:  Stripped! Or, well, maybe not ….