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  1. <———— listening softyly to taps in the slight trades blowing gently in the background. Poor thing. Stay strong.

  2. oh dear oh dear,
    so sorry to hear that…
    will OC keep sharing? hope so
    Answer to your question, Bergie and I went to Friday Harbor, it was a beeeutiful day!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh nooooooooo…. I didn’t pray for MY computer… but that doesn’t mean I won’t pray for YOURS! I will!

  4. Jientje — I feel sorry enough for me already. If you add sympathy, I might really cry!

    Thom — my computer was a wonderful and loyal friend!

    Juliana — not on my salary.

    Shelly — yes. He has two — but only one power cord!

    Melli — you are sweet. I wouldn’t worry too much about my computer. We have decided to seek the resuscitive (is that a word?) services of a computer repair person.

    Doug — your compassion underwhelms me. 😉

    Basil P. Day — okay. Got it.

  5. Maybe Amazing Grace on the bagpipes would be good, too. Ours didn’t officially DIE…it just got moved over to the auxilliary place of honor…not connected to the internet. It had become so slow even for me with infinite patience. 😉

    See you soon. I’ll think about the meme, k.

  6. Thank God you have OC’s computer to use. It would be a disaster if you couldn’t come ‘play’ with us cuz of your dead computer. Good luck getting a new one soon.

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