19 thoughts on “I Was Thinking on Ways to Buy a New Computer

  1. Doug — I fixed the “u” free of charge, and there’s no button because I’m not really going to beg.

    Dr. John — that’s a good idea. Thanks!

    Minkydo — that computer has pretty much been nothing but problem!

  2. Well that’s a whole lot better than I would have…I’d have 0 dollars…sigh…does a friend have an old one you could buy? Have you thought of a Netbook? They aren’t real powerful I guess…well with you and your photography might not be a good solution. I’ll keep my ears open to see if anyone is getting rid of an old on…Think positive I always say

  3. Put the Paypal button on!!!! Please!!! I want to see what happens. It could be a lot of fun. and a lot of .5o es!!! XOOXOXO C

  4. Nikole — I know you said I could ignore your question, but the others would never understand if I did that, so …. it croaked. I have been having trouble with the power coupling for months now. It finally died.

    Thom — I visit your blog! That would be one dollar. Well, depending on how close it was to payday (or how far from).

    Melli — you are an incredible friend. Save it and take your MIL out to lunch.

    Betty — OC has loaned me his old comp, and we’re sending mine to the shop — again.

    Carletta — keep sharpening those skills. Punny Monday is only a few hours away.

    Andrew — in that case, $16.00 — which will make it even more difficult!

    Gattina — don’t think too hard, it doesn’t work!

    Caryl — my sister, the last of the big spenders. And I think you’d pass on this Punny Monday, anyway. OC predicts it’s going to be difficult.

  5. okay but maybe if we all gave $100. that would buy you a pretty spectacular computer. and all i have to do to get the $100 for you is get my readers to all give me $10. easy. i’ll say it’s the quilly project. or something. and then i’ll ask *them* for $100 each, which they’ll all get by asking *their* readers for $10 each.
    this is going to take awhile…

  6. Carletta beat me to “that really bytes.”
    Do you have “craig’s list” in your area. You might find a computer to take a chance on for very few bucks that someone wants to unload, because they upgraded to a fancy shmancy one.

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