Honest Scrap

Jientje gifted me with a meme thinly disguised as an award.  As a rule I don’t much care for awards.  They are usually meant to award the person that created them with lots of blog hits and attention.  But I know Jientje and her heart is good, so ….

The rules for the Honest Scrap award:
The honorees are to:  A) first list 10 honest things about yourself – and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!  Then, B) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

1.) I am sitting here staring at the screen wishing I hadn’t accepted this meme award, and muttering curse words.

2.) This past Monday (01/12/09), I was offically hired for the job I have been doing since September.  I had been working as a temp, but now I am the full-fledged real thing.

3.) I fall soundly asleep within seconds of climbing into bed.  This little fact amazes, baffles and/or irritates OC, depending on how much sleep he is/isn’t getting.

4.) I just realized how far it is to ten.  Argh!  I was a horrible math student as a child.  In fact, I think I would still be a horrible math student if it weren’t for an amazing math instructor, Masoud Khalada.  I was struggling with a concept in my college algebra class and I said, “I don’t understand!”  And he broke the chains and freed me forever by telling me, “You don’t have to understand.  It took much wiser people than you or I to figure out why this stuff works.  All you have to do is know that it does.”  Then he told me it was like riding in a plane even though I couldn’t actually fly it.  I decided it was like faith.  Math works.  Trust it.

5.) I think I am pretty average.  Very few people seem to agree with me.  I live in fear of the day they discover I was right all along.

6.) I secretly think this meme is too long and nobody is going to read all of this anyway.  On the other hand, I read every word of Jientje’s and every word of Melli’s.

7.) At least once per month I think I should quit blogging and put my time to better use. I could be writing a novel …  If I do keep blogging, there’s a sure bet I am going to sign up with one of the ad services and try to earn some money.

8.) I rarely watch TV, but tonight at 10 p.m. I am watching the new Patrick Swayze show, The Beast.  If it weren’t for Thom, I’d have missed it completely.

9.) I am just about finished with this award meme.  Yay!  There are so many other things I could have done with the hour it took me to come up with even this lame stuff!  For instance, I could be working on the Pay It Forward crafts I am doing for Lisa, Amber and Andrew.

10.) Finally the end!  This is where I repeat that I have no love for awards or memes. Having said that, I want to redirect your attention to the Honest Scrap Award rules — most specifically the part that says I have to pick 6 people and pass it on.  I have a tried and true scientific method I use for passing on memes.  It has worked every time and never gotten me into any trouble.  Listen carefully to how this works just in case your name comes up:  Very simply, when it is time to pass out memes, I don’t.  If your name came up, it’s because you volunteered it!  Take the scrappy award and have yourself a party — don’t forget to invite me.  I love memes when they’re on other people’s blogs!

18 thoughts on “Honest Scrap

  1. You are most welcome for the reminder. I love 1, 2 and 3. The rest are great also. If I was to do this, and being honest of course, I would first have to look up thje definition of meme. I guess that would be my number 1 LOL. Congrats on the award. You well deserved this. I will comment probably tomorrow on The Beast. Don’t know if I will get to watch it tonight. Oh yeah, my number 2 would be your number 3. Only I have the TV going, always on CNN and it ends up watching me….thank goodness for the sleep timer…No? LOL


  2. If I still had a personal blog, I’d volunteer. Fortunately, I don’t. So instead, a few tiny truths:

    I’m glad you got the job, it’s still cold here, and I never tried to understand math and I still don’t get it.

  3. You read mine and Jientje’s all the way through — every word? And yet… *sigh*… woe is me… not a silly, giddy, grouchy, or harried comment do I get … not even for TWO… count ’em 1…2… days. BUT… the good news is I am faithful and loyal and I LOVE you anyway! I knOw you are CRAZY busy having fun without me… being a grown up college girl and all… by the way… I never even got HIGH SCHOOL algebra! And CONGRATULATIONS on being actually HIRED! I guess that is great news… although I thought you wanted to go back to teaching… or did I just imagine that?

  4. I won’t tell you how many hours I spent on the interview, I won’t. You would say I’m crazy. And I am.
    Anyhow? I still need to work on my Pay it Forward project too you know. I did some work on it earlier this week. I’m not forgetting, don’t despair! Oh and um, about your comment on my blog? I knew you’d say that, I knew it!!

  5. Anybody else but me wonder where that “Honest Scrap” came from? I finally found info here – a 1922 Atlantic Monthly article on, of all things, steelworking …

    Two of the men rolled cigarettes, the rest reinforced a chew that already looked as big as an apple in the cheek. For both these comforting acts “Honest Scrap” was used, a tobacco that is stringy and dark, and is carried in great bulk, in a paper package.

  6. Okay, I’m one of those nerdy “I like math” types. That said, your professor had some good advise. Having tried countless times to explain a certain mathematical principle to someone with nothing more than a blank stare in return, I think I will take his approach next time.

  7. I am like you, I hated math and never understood anything. It’s good that we have calculators !
    I don’t care about awards either, that’s somthing I didn’t even know about until I got some. Everybody can do awards and most of the time they don’t even fit on the person. I don’t like these questionary memes either or interviews. When I want to write about myself I can do it alone without being squeezed out like a lemon ! BUT I love to read them ! so I am happy when other people do it, lol !
    Thanks for telling me about the non existing pictures ! No I repaired it, it was my fault.

  8. ohh noooo…thoughts of quitting blogging? Say it isn’t soooooo. 😉
    Love the way you posted the meme, I have one of those awards that I need to post about but it makes me squirm a bit just thinking about it.

  9. Congrats on being fully hired instead of temporarily hired.
    Well done!! They must really like you.
    Don’t stop blogging! Blogging is a good use of your time.
    I think blogging is almost as good for you as drinking a glass of orange juice.
    I’m not a fan of memes or awards either.

  10. Thom — I don’t know about watching The Beast. My DVR refused to record it, and my laptop died thirty-seconds into the netpisode! Now I’m paranoid!

    Silver — there’s nothing scary about them. They just have a bad rep.

    Lisa — I am lucky to have a job in this economy!

    Doug — darn! I meant to make one xception and pin it on you!

    Melli — yeah, I am missing teaching, but I keep having flashbacks to how horrible last year was!

    Bazza — so my purpose in blogging is to nag you? That doesn’t seem very noble.

    Juliana — I am so glad you enjoyed it. Are you picking it up to make your very own?

    Jientje — it is hard to get everything done one needs to accomplish in a day, plus blogging and crafting and reading! I think the crafting is going to suffer until I finish (glances at stack by bed) at least four novels …

    Amoeba — I recognized the emblem from the logging and mining camps of my youth — and from my Uncle’s tobacco pouch, even. “Honest Scrap” used to come in a small white muslin pouch with a drawstring across the top. Instead of being cut in strands, like most dried tobacco, this stuff looked like it had broken into bits (scraps) and supposedly it was pure tobacco only (honest).

    Dr. John — thank you! You have no idea how uch that comment means to me!

    Jeff — so you’ve just put yourself on the same level as Aristotle, Euripides and Einstein?

    Gattina — I went back and saw poor Chester in his hat. He wasn’t a happy model!

    Shelly — after doing your duty, declare your blog a “No Award Zone”. I think I am about to do that!

    Betty — I do, now! You just need a batter teacher!

    Jamie — yeah, then why did my computer die?

    Carletta — thanks.

  11. I found it very interesting to read this and learn more about you… tho I’m sure there is a LOT more you could have told us. Tonight I will pass, tho tomorrow I might just come back and take the challenge. I do sometimes enjoy doing the memes. You may well be the only person who bothers to come read it, but that’s okay too.

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