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Alphabet Photo Challenge — A & B….

Week 1 – A + B


Melli is hosting a new Alphabet Photo Challenge!  We have to FIND the letters of the alphabet (not make them) in the every day things around us.  We CANNOT use text media (the alphabet letter can not have been designed to BE an alphabet letter.)

This A seemed a lot clearer through my eyes then it does through the camera lens — but it is time to post so it will have to do!



Those of you who attend church will recognize this symbol. May God forgive me. 🙂 I really did pay attention to the sermon. And I didn’t take this photo until after worship when only the clean up crew remained in the sanctuary.


  1. Good finds, both of them! But I preferred hunting dragons last summer. This one drives me crazy! I lost so much time trying to find an A that I decided not to join in. I have a B, if I want to but I’m too shy to post it, I think. Anyway, yours are great!

  2. When I was out driving around I thought if I could just find an A-Frame house. I knew where one was but it was too far. I totally see you A on the church.
    The B too.
    My lightpole was at and exit so it was safe to stop. No, I didn’t craft the B. It’s a wire bow on a decorative tin piece.

  3. Excellent letter choices Quilly. You’ve got a keen eye for the alphabet. I will be anxious to follow this. I have a great letter for you…let’s see the second to the last one

  4. Jientje — oh come on, Jientje, play with us!

    Melli — why thank you — I tried.

    Ian — are you playing, too? I’ll be right over ….

    Carletta — I saw an A-frame shed and wanted to get it, but when OC is driving the car stops for no frivolities, and we weren’t on a part of the island we visit often.

    Thom — would that be Y or WHY? I don’t know why. I just do what Melli tells me. I have a WHY for you — why don’t you start your personal blog and play along. Surely a bus driver sees plenty of sights.

  5. Yes, I can see were you’re coming from and it’s an intruiging challenge, but one unfortunately that I will have to pass on.

  6. Hmmm..this looks like fun! I totally see your A. I’m off to Melli’s to check out the rules – uh oh…I’m not supposed to be playing I’m supposed to be working.

  7. I’m glad you included the smaller versions of the photo with the outline of the letters. I felt as if I was taking a test trying to figure out where that A was, and my pea brain was about to explode. The B is blessed.
    Fun game, Quilly.
    I look forward to your other findings.

  8. Bazza — coward!

    Shelly — play anyway?

    JD — I’m stuck on E ….

    Jientje — I saw! That’s a lovely, lacy black B you have.

    Dr. John — I’m looking forward to them. You do have my new email address, yes?

    Betty — thank you.

  9. I’m here from Melli’s. I couldn’t quite see you A at first but then I got it.

    This will be a fun challenge but some of the letters are going to be very hard! I am looking for letter shapes in everything now.

  10. i am shocked and or surprised at you. the 11th commandment CLEARLY states ‘thou shalt not take photos in church’.

    that’s why i left organized religion.

    that, plus the wooden seats.

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