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Dr. John Interviews The Quill

I can’t say I don’t know how I got myself into this.  I do know.  I can’t say I don’t know what I was thinking.  I remember very clearly.  I can say I was tricked!  Tricked I tell you.

Dr. John was interviewed by someone who gave him five questions to answer on his blog.  Dr. John did such a great job of answering those questions he actually made it look like fun!  I thought to myself, “Wow!  This is easy!  I also thought to myself, “Dr. John is so much fun, he would never ask any really difficult questions.  I’ve gotta sign up for this!”

In my enthusiasm, I forgot several very important facts.  1.) All memes look fun when somebody else is doing them.  2.) All questions are easy when you aren’t actually required to answer.  3.) Dr. John is tricksy!

1. I see where you used to teach school. Could you share with us some of the things you learned from the students?

From my kindergarten class I learned that forks are highly over-rated and naps should always proceed lunch.

My fifth grade students taught me many things over the years.   Some of them quite surprising.  The very first thing they taught me, my first year of teaching, is that if one wants to be heard, one has to first listen.  I’ve tried to never forget that.

2.  You moved from Las Vegas to Hawaii. Is there anything you miss from Las Vegas?

My friends.  Sometimes I miss the amount of free time I had — but then I remember I spent a lot of that free time feeling lonely.  I’m not lonely anymore.  I left nothing in Las Vegas that I’d trade for what I’ve found.

3. How do you come up with those weird Monday things?

There is a closet in the back of my head full of all kinds of strange things.  I open it every Saturday night, look in, and rummage around until a punny idea falls out.  If I can’t find anything in my closet, I have OC rattle around in his.  Between the two of us, we usually come up with something.

4. Do you have any long term plans to write a book?

Plans. Interesting word that.  Plans imply goals … I have a very long term dream, but I’ve yet to put it into serious action.  For one thing, every time I come up with a brilliant idea, I find it on the book shelf having already been published by some one else.  I may write well, but my plotting skills leave a lot to be desired.

5. You are leading a Bible study on the Book of Daniel.  Tell us five things you have learned so far?

FIVE THINGS!  First off, I’ve learned that I don’t have time!  We have stalled in our Bible Study because the leader — me — hasn’t been home much lately.  I am thinking that might be coming to an end soon and I will be able to resume — if I still have a class!

Second, I learned how to work the news reader and post and such.  All lessons have to be posted from the bottom up.  That is a challenge for my thought processes.

Third, I learned that even though OC and I share most of the same goals, values and morals, our spiritual beliefs are very different.

Fourth, I learned that I don’t care for the style or voice of the writer of this particular Bible Study, and I suspect it is getting in the way of my learning even more.

Fifth, I had an intellectual refresher course in integrity.  I don’t think I learned anything new, but it is interesting that the day after we studied about integrity, I was put in a position at work which caused me to evaluate where my loyalties lied and whether or not they belonged there.  (I can’t give much more detail than that.)  So, I guess I learned that God’s timing is still as perfect as ever.


Now, to my readers:  Would you like to be interviewed by me? If so, here’s how:

1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”

2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions). They will be special.

3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. And thus it will go on and on and on till some brave soul says enough is enough.


  1. Now that part is out of the way, tremendous answer for number 2. Number 1 is awesome also…what we can learn from children is amazing…teaches us the art of listening!! Number 3…Pop Soda Pop Soda Pop Soda…open your mind Thom. Number 4 why did I ever thing that plans imply goals…no wonder I live by the seat of my pants. Number 5…well I’ll leave that up to others.

  2. You did GREAT kiddo! I just got my questions yesterday afternoon — and I have answered 3 of them so far — the FIRST answer is longer than your entire 5 answers! And I haven’t gotten to the hard one yet! Actually the last TWO are hard! Perhaps tomorrow… or maybe Thursday. I will say – I thought the SAME thing! Dr. John is so much FUN – his little trains and his little town and he will ask me some cute FUN questions. OY! He asked me some GOOD questions. And by the way — I LOVE your answer to number 3 — I think I need to explore MY closet more… If I can GET to it…

  3. Quilly ~ In the Past I’ve been known to jump in before “Looking” a the “Whole Picture”. Last week I almost jumped at Dr John’s nice request but declined. Ask me your questions, it may be a spell before I can get them answered with my Schedule, but I will.

    “I am so Afeared of what you may ask” heheh

  4. Ok…so the pay it forward thing…do I do that before you send me something? As you see I’m still working on the last challenging thing.

    Liked learning a little more about you. Didn’t know you moved to Hawaii from Vegas. Nice changes of latitude and attitude 😉

  5. that was a well conducted interview. good questions and even better answers.

    i’m tempted to day the magical words but keep reminding myself how much i hate these things when i have to do them. besides, it’s bloody raining/snowing again and i’m down with a cold. pft!

  6. Good job! I wanted to know about Punny Monday items. I think that we all got over whelmed even if we were not leading in the bible study.

  7. Thom — I’ll try to get you your questions by the end of the week.

    Melli — your first three answers are fantastic! They don’t call you the Queen of Memes for nothing!

    Gattina — but how about TAKING one?

    Bill — I’ll try to get you your questions by the end of the week.

    Amber — my archives hide many sparkling treasures!

    Jientje — it will be ahile bfore I forget that again, but this was fun.

    Juliana — Here’s a hanky. I’ll make up 5 questions for you, too. Feel free to ignore them.

    Lisa — I’ll make you one …

    Betty — there has just been too much to do. I need some down time to just sit and drool.

  8. Don’t know how I missed this yesterday .
    You interview very well.
    I particularly liked your insights from the Daniel Bible study. Not at all what I expected.

  9. again after a long break, i come back and find you just as entertaining, funny and honest as ever! Thanks for sharing your stuff on Daniel, Quilly, I empathise with you comments on the Study Author, there are a lot of annoying authors out there, and lots of them seem to want to tell you what the Bible is about – not what they think its about, not what it might be about, not what their opinion of what its about is, but exactly what its about. Rather than give the tools to grapple with the tough stuff, they shut down any possibility that falls outside of their own, often seriously loaded, agenda….

    Let me just climb down of my high horse for a mo….

    And if that’s not put you off – interview me, ah go on, you know you want to 🙂

  10. Dr. John — but you have no response to my proclaimation that you’re tricksy? Hmmm ….

    Ian — expect your questions before the weekend is over.

    Alastair — yes, the author tells us what to think, and uses words that convey emotionally charged meanings. Also, she is preaching the King James Version of the Bible and prefers that we use only it and her materials as resource. Of course what she says is something like, “If you are not using the King James Version of the Bible then you are missing the richness of the text and much historical meaning has been removed.” Proclamations like that always make me stop and wonder if the writer actually thinks the Bible was originally written in Elizabethan English?

    Oh! Expect your questions before the weekend is over.

  11. i totally get you on #2.

    and oh bob i would go back in a heartbeat. but you can’t go back. i have to make my own hawaii here, which is hard with the lack of sun. and surfing. and actually all the things that make hawaii.

  12. Quilly, I enjoyed reading this and learning more about you. There is a part of me that wants to jump right in… and another part of me that wants to run away. I suspect that answering the questions could be a fairly enjoyable challenge, and coming up with questions to ask others would be a very big job. You would have to visit their blog, read a bunch to get to know them at least a bit, then ask questions on much of what you read. Big, time consuming job. However, being interviewed does sounds… errr, fun.

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