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Alphabet Photo Challenge: Week 2 C & D

Melli, from Insanity Prevails,  thought up a photo CHALLENGE that surely lives up to it’s name.  She challenged us to take camera in hand and wander out into reality to find alphabet letters.  The trick is, they aren’t supposed to BE alphabet letters, but instead, have to be living their lives as something else!  (Well what do you expect from a lady who’s url is prevailinginsanity?)

I struggled with C.  Others claim it was easy to come by, but not so for me!

On the other hand, D popped right out at me.  It was really the first letter of the alphabet I found!


  1. Quilly: great finds. Funny the first thing I saw on the C was a backwards D. Old saying I suppose: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  2. That D looks so easy!!My C was, it was just outside from where I’m sitting when I blog! You have been struggling with the C, just like I was with that stupid D!Oh well, we’re safe for another week aren’t we?

  3. Thom — I saw the backward D and the Old English E, but I NEEDED a C.

    Jientje — maybe it’s because we’re on opposite side of the world?

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhh, I LOVE your “D”. That is so cool.
    I played also…actually playing catch up with the letters so far since Melli instructed me last week that I was to do TWO a week. For today then, I put up photos of A B C and D. Come on over, won’t you?

    Happy day wishes sent your way.

  5. Well, DUH! That D just DOES pop out at you! It probably bit you onn the butt! I think the reason “C” is hard is because SO OFTEN it looks like a “D” as well… or maybe a B even… and sometimes even an M or a U or a W! LOL! Cs are TRICKY! But you caught a GOOD one!

  6. that’s cool! love your choice. if i played, i’d just look up into the sky for a C and a D.
    wouldn’t help much in the last few months here, though…

  7. I’m here from Melli’s ABC challenge — I am late getting mine up today.

    What a perfect D!!

    I am trying to figure out what the C is on — is it a concrete decorative thing outside? Looks like maybe screen door behind it? It is a good C in any case!

  8. The ‘D’is perfect!
    I don’t think I would have seen that C myself.

    Not sure why you think my D is backward unless you were looking for d. 🙂

  9. Dr. John — it is fun and not near as hard as it looks. (Most of this statement is true.)

    Lisa — cool site! I want my name!

    Amber — do you have an ETA on that?

    Anni — you have some tasty ketchup over at your place!

    Gattina — or a D.

    Melli — I did not sit in that rocker so the D couldn’t bite me on the butt. That rocker — and several more like it — are in our church’s sanctuary for rocking babies or the comfort of the elders.

    Andrew — really? Check inside your left front pant’s pocket. Is there a letter there?

    Juliana — thanks for reminding me of a great source of shapes!

    Barbara — the B is on decorative brick. The brick is an enclosure built around the air conditioning system for a building on our college campus. The screen you see are actually over the air intake vents.

    Carletta — just call me dyslexic! (I have no idea what I was thinking — IF I was thinking! It was early and I had a heck of a time waking up this morning!)

    Betty — thank you.

  10. They are cool 😀
    The D does look like an easy find, but I’m not sure I would have found it 😀
    The C looks great.
    It’s fun to see what people came up with :D!

  11. I’m enjoying your photog assignments. It is making me look at the world differently, so instead of seeing “just” trees and bldgs, I also see the shapes made up of the planes of light. My dd wants to take photog in 9th gr next year so you’re giving me fun ideas for summer activities! Mahalo!

  12. I saw your A & B post, and somehow didn’t clue in… sheeeesh. Now I see this one and wonder why I haven’t jumped in too. I’ll have to start looking for hidden letters in my world. Looks like C & D came much easier to you than A & B did. Very well done, Quilly! I’ll hop over to visit Melli and might join in with the fun. I do so love photo challenges.

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